BET Jams February 2021 Roundup!

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March 8, 2021
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March 10, 2021
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We’re already two months into the new year, and 2021 is already off to a great start here at HIP HQ. We pride ourselves on championing our clients, which means working on getting them featured on some of the biggest TV programmers out there like MTV and BET Jams. Every month we’ll be giving you a monthly update of our clients and what TV program they’ve been featured on. Today, we’re giving you the round-up of our cherished clients whose videos were added to BET Jams programming for February.

BET Jams is an international TV program that was founded in 2002 and originally called MTV Jams. In 2015 they rebranded under the prominent Black Entertainment Television network banner. Since then, BET Jams has been bringing hip hop and urban contemporary videos to over 80 million households throughout the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. It’s the only TV program that’s completely exclusive to hip-hop music videos, programming, and lifestyle.

The first client to be featured on BET Jams this month was SugaKane with his video for “I’m Paintin'” featuring TooTone. SugaKane is a rising hip hop and R&B artist from Topeka, Kansas; this is his first video, and we’re stoked to see him on BET Jams. In this video, SugaKane goes full out on swag and doesn’t cap on anything. SugaKane and TooTone run the halls of a glamorous hotel where they’re surrounded by a beautiful girl and some artwork. Although we see a few paintings throughout the video, that’s not exactly what the song is about. It’s about staying resilient and pushing to be the best you can be. What’s a reminder to Soakage’s daughter is a life lesson for all of us.

Another cherished client featured on BET Jams this month was Niko Brim and his video for “BONITA”. Niko Brim is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from New York City. This is his first solo video, and we’re so excited to see it on BET Jams. This video shows Niko Brim living his best life and soaking up every bit of his well-earned success. His confidence is overflowing as he raps in an exclusive night club and the confidence stays with him as he goes out into the city. While only being in the hip-hop world for a short amount of time, hip hop lovers already recognize his voice, and it sure is an iconic one. 

The last client to be featured on BET Jams this month was Jaybandsome and his video for “Looking Up”. Jaybandsome is a young, new rapper from New York, and this is his very first video. We couldn’t be more excited about this artist being featured on BET Jams this month. This video takes us to his New York neighborhood and his high school over in New Jersey, with the bridge towering in the distance. By day he’s your typical high school student walking home from school, but by night, he’s the king of the streets. Jaybandsome and his crew own the city, and it’s nothing but good vibes all around. He might be young, but he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Written by HIP Intern Rebecca Karaman.