Bon Iver “Calgary” video premiere on Pitchfork!

The headline says it all. Check it out on Pitchfork here!

And here’s our write-up about the vid!

“Calgary” is as open sonically as it visually. The song gradually builds layers from start to finish, with instruments joining in as the track progresses. The song gradually builds layers, with the instrumentation providing its own dynamic. The song opens with an understated vocal and key combination. Percussion and horns creep in, and before you know it you find yourself in the middle of a fully electric rock guitar jam, only to work your way out of it with acoustic guitar and voice again. The video develops in a similar manner. At first, the focus is on a girl who starts out as a spectral spirit and eventually takes shape from an empty bed inside a cave. As she embodies a physical form and emerges from her underground tomb, she finds there are other like her in the above ground world, including her other half, a young man. They then join their hearts at lake, which immediately sets lights with fire as they each place a piece of themselves upon it. The clip is as mysterious as it is gorgeous and atmospheric, fitting in seamlessly with the feel of the track.