Check out Bedouin Soundclash’s video for “Elongo”

“Elongo” has already garnered a ton of attention from critics even before it was released as a single. MuchMusic featured the band on their “First Spin” section and has named the release one of the best records of the last ten years, comparing it to The Clash, Bob Marley, and Kings of Leon. The song features the signature raspy voice of singer/guitarist Jay Malinowski at his finest. The song is instantly memorable without the cliché hooks found in many indie pop rock songs, allowing in the perfect amount of reverberating echo and warmth. Also adding to the mix are some great percussion layers that are subtle but effective, as well as atmospheric and rhythmic violins that sparkle in the wetness of the background layer.

The video does not betray the song, set in what seems to be a foreign city, and cut with an array of warming filters. The clip finds the group traversing the streets, transparent to the locals as they buzz about their business day and night. The video is full of atmosphere and life, without any staging or particular story, instead acting like a visual observation of the inhabitants living out their lives. The clip is directed by Michael Maxxis, the man behind camera of acts like Billy Talent, Comeback Kid, and Hot Hot Heat, as he puts his signature stamp on the film.

Here’s the video: