Gandhi “Anjali”

Drew Lokko
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December 10, 2012


HIP Video Promo presents an exciting new video from the Brooklyn based singer and songwriter Nimesh Gandhi, also known as GANDHI. With inspirations by all the great American and British singer/songwriters from just about every decade, GANDHI’s music is hard to classify, but holds true to many different genres including indie-rock, alternative, electronic, and classic rock. His latest video for “Anjali” captures these undeniable essences and presents GANDHI as a contemporary singer/songwriter on the rise in modern times.

This New York based musician originating from Fort Wayne, Indiana has an eclectic approach to modern music. GANDHI writes, produces, and performs songs that include themes of melancholy, hope, and irreplaceable torment. However, Nimesh’s music summons music listeners of many different generations to join him on this mystical journey to new-fangled worlds of exciting potentials. Music listeners join GANDHI as he recreates the hopeful and memorable characteristics of human existence. Delivered on a sound-bed of classic rock riffs, melodies of folk-inspired music, and minimal electronic sounds, GANDHI’s songs emanate music from the past, the present, and the future.

On stage, GANDHI’s performances are quite breathtaking as he is surrounded by a rotating all-star cast of contemporary New York musicians who are proficient in just about every instrument they lay their hands on. Nimesh’s own guitar is always close by, and his deliverance is equally immeasurable in comparison to his talented vocal melodies. The sounds of this featured artist are incredibly delectable and include a vast array of eclectic influences from around the world. After years of soul-searching, songwriting, and finding his true voice, GANDHI’s music is on the rise and is set to unleash this irrevocable sound that tells musical stories for all mankind. His most recent video “Anjali” captures this unique blend of storytelling and talented musicianship.

The clip portrays GANDHI at his finest moments. “Anjali” is set on a beach capturing fleeting moments of a wonderful relationship between two lovers, with GANDHI being the main character. His situation is poor, being that he has been sideswiped by love and realizes that the person he dedicated his life to is not who he thought she was. We watch as GANDHI questions her motives as he sings, “Was it all a bet? / Was I the best you could get?” Later on in the clip, the female character is seen applying make-up in a mirror and GANDHI’s love for her is no longer respected; her character traits are then revealed, portraying how materialism is unimportant regarding questions of love. “Anjali” is a song about the unattractive qualities of the opposite sex and how materialistic objects can get in the way of our true beings.

GANDHI presents hope for all as he maintains his ability to portray the necessities of a happy life throughout his artful craft of music. The uplifting spirits of his eclectic soul are major attributes to his largely influential sounds and inspirations. “Anjali” is a representation of all that GANDHI has to offer to the world of music and what is to come for this artist on the rise. For more information on this exciting new musician, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit for more info on GANDHI.

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