Ginny Luke & Taylor Graves “Take You On A Trip”

Ginny Luke & Taylor Graves
“Take You On a Trip”  Music Video
Directed by Harrison Sanborn
Add date – 08/01/19

About Ginny Luke

Ginny Noel Luke – musically known as “Ginny from the block” -is an accomplished electric violinist and singer. Born into a musical family in Dubuque, IA, she began her musical career at age three, starting training in classical violin, piano, and dance in Vilseck, Germany. She studied music and acting at the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy, Musician’s Institute, and at the California Institute of the Arts, and since her Carnegie Hall performance at the age of 16, she’s amassed an impressive resume.

Ginny Luke has performed and recorded with artists such as Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am, the Foo Fighters, Snoop Dog, J.Cole, Miguel, Daniel Caesar, Amine, Dave Matthews Band, Iggy Azalea, Ruben Studdard, and Stevie Wonder (among others), and on the American Music Awards in 2014 and 2016 with Nicki Minaj, Skylar Grey, and Shawn Mendes. From the age of 19-21, she recorded and toured internationally as a member of Meat Loaf’s band, The Neverland Express, on violin and vocals. Ginny currently manages electric string band SAGA Strings and has performed with SAGA on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno with Daughtry, the Latin Grammys 2013 with Ricky Martin, Miguel Bose, and Laura Pausini, and has toured Europe, the UAE, and South America with SAGA. From September 2018 to May 2019, Ginny was featured as the lead vocalist and electric violinist on the international 4UPrince Tour directed and curated by Questlove.

About the video

Ginny Luke’s latest release is the single “Take You On A Trip,” which she wrote and produced with Taylor Graves, who also duets with her on the track. The lyrics of “Take You On A Trip” are straightforward, as Ginny expresses her desires in a sensual love affair. On screen,  steamy close-ups allude to something happening we’re not privy to. With kaleidoscopic lights and electrifying keytar and violin, this clip is sure to grab your attention! Ginny Luke says about the video, “The music video for ‘Take You On a Trip’ is an expression of young love and conveys each lover’s experience as a ‘trip’ or a journey to transcendence. This song encapsulates a moment of time and a love experience in my life that I wanted to write about to preserve the memory forever. It shows a side of myself that is softer, which you can hear vocally, and visually feminine and blissful. The electric violin and keytar duet represents the two lovers in the story. This duet-outro is the climax, or nirvana of the piece. As far as visual style for ‘Take You On a Trip’ we wanted something that felt stylish and clean, like a club in the void. Having a slow escalation and visual crescendo later in the song was very important to expressing a release of built up tension throughout. During the ‘trip’ sequence, it was critical to transport the viewer to a place that felt somewhat familiar, but mostly new from a sensory standpoint, so it sort of conveys the idea that when in love, you just want to enjoy the ride.”

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