Justina Valentine “JUST”

Justina ValentineArtist:
Justina Valentine
Justina Music LLC
Joan Roman & Kevin Losani
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May 15, 2018


The feeling of pain is inevitable. At some point in our lives, we all face challenges and have to overcome adversity in all different types of situations. Everyone faces negativity from others and how we respond to such adversity defines us as a people. In her latest single “Just,” newly-minted international phenomenon Justina Valentine shares her story on how she deals with such hardships.

The hardworking and dedicated New Jersey native does not shy away in her latest single when portraying the negativity and hate that she and so many others face on a day to day basis. The letter to her past self takes you deep into her arduous journey. As we have seen in the past, Valentine is not one to shy away from pushing the envelope to share her art: “Just” is no exception. It portrays powerful imagery of her in emotional turmoil, trying to deal with the opposition that comes her way while pursuing her ultimate passion. As an artist, it is challenging to block out those who want to see you fail, nonetheless, Valentine has faced these tests and has proven to everyone that her drive is greater than all of the people who doubt her.  

“Just” does not only spotlight the negative aspects when battling emotional distress; it sheds a positive light on what life will become when you are able to move past pure despair. In her final verse, Valentine shares all the possibilities and opportunities that she has after battling through her tough times. It highlights all the success that Valentine has had the past few years, most notably, being a fan favorite on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. Valentine’s social reach and influence is growing dramatically by the day, becoming a name that people across the globe are familiar with. The final verse in “Just” goes a step further to discuss what life will be like a decade later, with a family. All of this is possible because she faced adversity head on. The light at the end of the tunnel and ability to overcome her dark days speaks volumes to her as well as something that viewers will be able to cling to and feel inspired by.

Here at HIP, we are profoundly proud to continue to tell the Justina Valentine story. She always seeks to tell the truth, but with a more personal message, this is undoubtedly her most powerful clip yet. Rest assured we’ll have plenty of outstanding Justina Valentine merch to set up online/on-air contests and giveaways throughout the campaign so don’t be bashful about reaching out to get your hands on some. For more info please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com. You can also visit www.JustinaValentine.com for more info on Justina Valentine.

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