Kailey Swanson “Secret Suitcase”

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Jared Sagal
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August 29, 2014



Country music artist Kailey Swanson returns to the scene with another gut wrenching ballad. Tuneful and tenacious, Kailey Swanson is an indie country artist whose songwriting is unabashedly gut wrenching and soul-searching, all at once. With the confidence and swagger usually reserved for her peers, as well as the hooks and the looks to turn heads, this humble songstress has hit pay dirt with her latest single “Secret Suitcase” and become a buzz worthy prospect in Music City.

Known as a jack-of-all trades, Swanson is a multifaceted artist. This singer, actress, and performer has honed her style over the years, presenting the world with austere resonance. Unique and bountiful, she climbs mountains with her emotions, which are put on display throughout her songs. Born in Las Vegas, Kailey knew from the very star that she had been born to perform. Whether on stage in the theater or on the set of Disney Channel’s Kickin’ It, this artist’s heart is at the root of everything she does.

Swanson has always enjoyed playing guitar and writing songs. Above her, her unique originality keeps her up to par in the music industry with catchy tunes such as “Country Love Song.” Her raw style and energetic demeanor are no match for her rivals—Kailey Swanson’s music is filled with adventure and romance in which every song takes us to a new place. Described as being tuneful and tenacious, this soul-searching phenomenon known as Kailey Swanson returns with her newest single, “Secret Suitcase.”

Director Jared Sagal returns to present the somber chords of “Secret Suitcase” in a mysterious manner. Scenes following Kailey throughout cities and parks showcase this artist’s wandering soul, all the while she has become haunted by an object none other than a suitcase. Strong and truthful lyrics weigh down your heart, and the significance of this simple object plays a large role in Swanson’s storyline. “Secret Suitcase” showcases this songstress at her best—trying her hardest to shake off the hauntings of a past filled with dark secrets.

We are very excited about this new offering from such a prolific young artist and we are confident that you and your viewers alike will get behind this clip! For more information on Kailey Swanson and her newest clip “Secret Suitcase,” please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.KaileySwanson.com/ for more info.

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