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OK, you’ve got a great video in the can, now what? How many dubs do you need? In what tape formats? (Beta SP? Digi-beta? DV-CAM?) Where do you send them? Which outlets can receive the video via FTP, and which need a physical copy? What information do you need to provide? There are forms to be filled out?! It can be one headache after another, and we see our mission here as sparing you those headaches by taking care of all the details for you. By taking on all of the time consuming video submission responsibilities, we maximize our clients marketing campaign success by allowing them to focus on the other important aspects of their promotional push. For them to have all of their music video duplication, closed captioning, servicing, and promotion needs taken care of by professionals can be very helpful.

HIP Video Promo will service all applicable video outlets with a video dub, along with an informative, concise hype sheet. This is where we, as your promoter, argue the case of why your video is worthy of the programmer’s attention. To see examples of our personalized artist biographies and hype sheets, click on any artist among the “Current Priorities” on the left side of this page or click here to view over 800 clients that we have had the pleasure of promoting. Very often the video is timed to correspond with a record/single release or an artist’s tour and we will always work with the client to time the video promotion for maximum impact and exposure.

We encourage our clients to send us copies of the artist’s latest album/single and other promotional items to include in the packages we service the video dub in. Our list of video shows and outlets is the most comprehensive and up to date list in the industry (at last count we have over 140 outlets on our servicing list). If the servicing list needs to be cut down or adjusted due to budgetary constraints, HIP Video Promo will work very hard to create a servicing list within your budget, selecting just those outlets that have the highest profiles and the greatest likelihood of sharing your musical and visual aesthetic.

We spend a lot of time getting to know your artist’s music prior to the campaign, and we are always equipped with all the information necessary to get programmers excited about your artist. Our goal is to keep the video included in each individual outlet’s programming for as long as possible. Our promotional strategies most often include contest giveaways and sending out promotional items like autographed copies of the latest release, T-shirts and stickers. We have also found that video IDs by the artists (“Hi, we’re of Montreal and you’re watching VidDream”) are very helpful to achieve sustained airplay. We will also coordinate ticket giveaways and setting up in person video interviews with programmers all across the country while your artist is on tour. These interviews usually take place at the venue the artist is playing, so the programmer very often gets to see your artist perform live as well. HIP Video Promo will also make every attempt to see your artist live when performing in the NYC or Philadelphia areas and take photos with them and invited programmers. Check out the photo pages on this site for examples. These programmers are influential tastemakers and opinion leaders in their markets, and a favorable impression made on them can enhance a video’s exposure and staying power in that market.

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