SOiL “Shine On”

Dan Drescher
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June 25, 2013


Formed in 1997 Chicago Heavy Rock band SOiL quickly took the scene by storm.. After their first independent release, the band was the first rock group signed by the legendary Clive Davis to J Records. The band achieved mainstream success with their major label debut Scars in 2001. SOiL is best known for the classic hits “Halo”, “Unreal”, and “Redefine”.

The band went through brief line up changes until reuniting with original vocalist Ryan McCombs in October 2011 for a tour commemorating the tenth anniversary of their landmark album Scars. The band permanently rejoined with McCombs after his departure from Texas act Drowning Pool in late 2011. The line up is currently completed with fellow original members Tim King (Bass) and Adam Zadel (Guitar). The band has sold over one million records worldwide with their album “Scars” hitting Silver in the United Kingdom following the anniversary tour.

SOiL’s sixth studio album WHOLE will be released worldwide in August 2013 via AFM Records (worldwide) and Pavement Entertainment (North America). The album also sees the band going 100% independent with the release. “We wanted to call all the shots on this album and for the first time ever hold our future in our own hands” says bassist Tim King. This will mark the first album with original frontman Ryan McCombs since 2004’s The new album sees SOiL returning to its classic sound that both fans and critics alike have come to admire. The band hails the new album as “An album that could have come directly after the “Scars” album”. Some featured songs from WHOLE include “The Hate Song”, “Loaded Gun”, “Way Gone”, and “Shine On” which is dedicated to the SOiL fans for standing by the band throughout the years.

Appropriately enough, “Shine On” is also the first video from WHOLE. It’s making a quick splash by premiering on Loudwire and quickly infiltrating TV and computer screens everywhere. The video is a testament to the power of being true to ones’ self and realizing that eventually everyone finds their own voice and their own place in the world. It’s also an appreciative acknowledgment of those who support those decisions 100% In this video, SOiL is also the thing that brings all of the wandering souls together, and we see as people endure conflict and misunderstanding in their lives only to ultimately come together at the behest of SOiL and their undeniable music. It’s a thoughtful message from these hard rockers and shows just why this band has had over a decade of staying power.

We’re psyched to once again be working with Pavement Entertainment to bring you this killer clip and we are ready to get you anything you may need to get this video into your programming. For more info please contact, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at You can also visit or for more info.

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