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June 4, 2013

Renowned actor Balthazar Getty has been making music in various capacities for the past twenty-five years, including producing the highly acclaimed Ringside project as well as various electronic and hip-hop albums. His newest project SOLARDRIVE just released an album worldwide back in April, and HIP Video Promo is pleased to introduce two captivating videos “Be Alright” and “No Drama” featuring the artists TC and Kevin Hicks.

Getty began his acting career at the mere age of 14 in 1989 after auditioning for the lead role in the movie Lord of the Flies. During the 1990s and early 2000s, he appeared in various films such as Young Guns II, Ladder 49, Natural Born Killers, and Lost Highway and was even featured in the television miniseries Traffic. He has also guest-starred on TV series like Charmed, Alias, and Brothers & Sisters. Getty’s indie-rock band Ringside formed in Hollywood, California releasing the popular self-titled album under Fred Durst’s label Flawless Records and Geffen Records. The band released records and performed up until 2011.

The new project SOLARDRIVE is hands down this year’s most contemporary; “It was extremely liberating,” says Getty, describing a manic three weeks in which he holed up in his pool house/studio to self-produce the album using a Pro Tools rig that his wife and close friend Joaquin Phoenix together bought him. Containing a slew of impromptu recording sessions, three weeks later, Balthazar walked away with an “organically” created debut under the moniker of his new project, SOLARDRIVE.

The video clip “Be Alright” is a personal reflection of Balthazar’s relationship with his music. Viewers literally come face to face with the artist as he sings, all the while captivating his audience. Daily routines are being performed—eating, picking his teeth, etc.—yet we establish such a connection with this profound musician that it is hard to ignore. The song itself is a tune that describes contemporary indie music and transcends modern musicians, such as Miike Snow. The second clip “No Drama” features two noteworthy artists, TC and Kevin Hicks, and is the first single to be released off Getty’s debut album. We see the gritty underbelly of the nighttime in a city full of secrets, and we experience a breaking account of danger as Getty exemplifies modern music.

From his acting career to his groundbreaking musical affluence, it is safe to call Balthazar Getty a jack-of-all-trades. His appearance is one that makes you say, “I know him from somewhere,” and after witnessing the entertaining video clips “Be Alright” and “No Drama,” you will realize that you most likely have! For more information on SOLARDRIVE, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at . You can also visit or

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