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We don’t neglect the personal touch… ever. Andy and his staff maintain very friendly relations with all the important point people at the international outlets (MTV, Fuse, Much Music etc.), but never take for granted the many video programmers and programming opportunities in all the little corners of the music video community. These “off the beaten path” markets are important, since this is where organic, grass roots support for a new and upcoming artist is many times originally generated. Each year in the month of March, Andy makes his cross-country pilgrimage (The HIP Video Promo Tour) to visit programmers all over the USA and spend quality face-time with them in their own market. With this kind of personal attention (from the founder of the company) you can be assured that your video won’t be falling through any cracks or being overlooked in programming meetings. The HIP staff is also the best in the business, a combination of youthful exuberance and years of experience in the music industry. [Meet the HIP Staff]

All of the video airplay results will be reflected through bi-weekly tracking reports listing all the outlets that have or are currently programming the video, their viewership range/demographic and air dates. The report will also include information on each show including how many potential viewers they reach, what markets they are aired in and when the program is aired. Tracking reports are provided to the label and management, every two weeks. These reports will be e-mailed, with hard copies sent to the client for archive purposes. [Request a quote for your video campaign]

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