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Loring Robbins
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February 4, 2015


Thomas Feurer and Neal Pawley, who are 11 Acorn Lane, create “accomplished musical whimsy” (LA Times) that inspires critics to fanciful descriptions. MSN Music calls their jazzy tunes “a groovy concoction of lounge music and contemporary electronics spiked with top notes of surf rock, cha-cha and brass.” Metromix says they “sound like Henry Mancini, Herb Alpert and Lawrence Welk sharing a drunken jam session.” In other words, they swing. On Time For Tea, their sixth album for the Wooden Hat label, out February 10, 2015, the duo keep swinging, with 13 tracks including the cheerful 1920s-inspired sounds of “Perfect,” with its tuba bassline; and the humorous title track. For our purposes today, we are going to focus on the infectiously happy “Lucky Day” and their wildly entertaining animated video that comes along with it!

A chance meeting in New York resulted in 11 Acorn Lane’s uniquely upbeat melding of jazz, Latin, exotica, funk and big band lounge music with influences from their own histories and from around the world, including current beats, electronica and modern production techniques. That’s why 11 Acorn Lane is a place where, Feurer says, “Henry Mancini meets Fatboy Slim over a glass of wine, and Count Basie and Busby Berkeley pop in.” 11 Acorn Lane’s signature sound, combining painstaking craftsmanship with tongue-in-cheek quirkiness, explains why they’ve had music featured on shows including HBO’s “Bored to Death,” Showtime’s “Weeds,” FOX’s “Bones, ” NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” and PBS’s “Roadtrip Nation” and in the European English-language film “Girl On A Bicycle,” among many other prominent placements, as well as on compilations in Europe and Japan.

Returning to the aforementioned video for “Lucky Day,” it’s not often that we come across a video so unique and quirky that we’re almost at a loss for words! Imagine this; a green lizard-ish looking alien emerges from a restroom into the “Lucky Diner” in a galaxy far, far away (or is it?) The animation is very clean with lots of bright colors. He busts out into dance with the waitress, much to the dismay of her customer, and soon whisks her into space for an intergalactic picnic! He seems like a fella with a big imagination, so we’re not entirely sure if this is real or a dream for him, but it sure is fun either way! The song for “Lucky Day” delivers a bombastic soundtrack that sends the entire video over the moon, all of which is packed neatly into a two minute punch!

We’re delighted to be working with such a unique and deserving group like 11 Acorn Lane. Of their unique name, “an imaginary address where our music lives,” Pawley explains, “in an imaginary lounge where all kinds of instruments get together and do unexpected things.” The lights are always on at 11 Acorn Lane, so head on over for a musical experience unlike anything else out there! Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779, email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com for more info on 11 Acorn Lane.

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