30 Seconds To Mars “Capricorn (A Brand New Name)”

30 Seconds To MarsArtist:
Paul Fedor
Add Date:
August 15, 2002


“Capricorn (A Brand New Name)” is the first single and stunning debut video from Southern California newcomers 30 Seconds To Mars. The band embark on a most unique task with their self-titled debut release (dropping at retail on August 27th, 2002) on Immortal/Virgin. 30 Seconds To Mars recently finished up a U.S. tour in support of Puddle of Mudd. The trek was the first road test for singer Jared Leto, who, after gaining massive notoriety as an actor, proved that his dynamic band is a project to be taken seriously.

30 Second To Mars is certainly not the next Dogstar (Keanu Reeves ill fated musical debacle), but more quite possibly the next Pink Floyd. The band’s mysterious aura and clandestine demeanor is giving them a “Led Zeppelin for the new millennium” buzz in the press. “Capricorn” is a cinematic, atmospheric tour de force exploding with apocalyptic references and an overwhelming desire for a fresh start. It is obvious that Jared Leto wishes to be recognized for the music that he and his band creates, and not for his famous name. “Capricorn (A Brand New Name)” is both extremely personal and undeniably universal. It speaks to Jared Leto’s personal struggle of trying to keep his two careers separate while speaking to the youth of today trying to escape and find a place of their own. The band’s wide-screen sound is adrenalized and nuanced, balancing bombastic guitars with anthemic vocal lines and organic synthesizers with electronic underpinnings.

30 Seconds To Mars co-produced their debut CD with the legendary Bob Ezrin and newcomer Brian Virtue (Jane’s Addiction). They sought out Ezrin because they grew up listening to his phenomenal work with Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper and Kiss. The big budget video is groundbreaking (literally) and creates a startlingly unique mood that furthers the mystery surrounding this imaginative quartet. Directed by top shelf director Paul Fedor, the video for “Capricorn (A Brand New Name) meshes an other-worldly aesthetic with sonically bruising instrumentation that oozes with depth and substance.