Adam 8*1*2 “Poison” & “Mystery Girl”

ADAM 8*1*2
“Poison” & “Mystery Girl”
Ken Park
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July 7, 2009


Hello friends, it’s Andy Gesner and the staff from HIP Video Promo, here with a couple of radio-ready pop tracks and accompanying videos that’ll get your summer off to a sizzling start. The three members of Adam 8*1*2 are still teenagers, and their perspective is a young one – they sing of broken hearts and unconsummated relationships, and good girls whose self-esteem is bruised by bad boys. It’s a wise one, as well: their tales of love and loss are performed with compassion, and their scalding-hot dance-pop songs teach self-reliance and independence. Heady stuff from seventeen-year-olds, for sure. But Castille Landon, Brooklyn, and Ginny Luke aren’t your average pop stars. They’ve been performing – on stage and screen – all their young lives; they’re also serious musicians (Luke, a trained violinist, has already performed at Carnegie Hall) comfortable writing their own material and penning their own lyrics. Their band name is a challenge to conventional wisdom, too – a reminder that, despite the implications of the Genesis narrative, men are just as likely to make mistakes as women are.

Every track on Adam 8*1*2, their multifaceted debut, radiates confidence. Produced by Christian Davis (R. Kelly, Michelle Williams, New Kids On The Block), the album foregrounds the trio’s flexibility: Adam 8*1*2 features straight radio pop, sizzling R&B, melodic rock, shimmering dance tracks, and even a little bit of adventurous world music. The songs showcase Landon’s alluring voice, Luke’s seductive singing and deft playing, and Brooklyn’s energetic rapping. They trade verses, they support each other’s vocals; their characters are complementary, but brilliantly distinct. It’s the same division of labor that distinguished TLC – a group that Adam 8*1*2 frequently resembles – during their heyday.

By the end of the set, you’ll feel like you know these young women personally. Their songwriting is confessional, candid, forthright; all the storytelling here has the ring of truth. “Poison”, the lead single, is inspired by a real-life breakup – Brooklyn’s sister found herself trapped in a bad relationship, and the Adam 8*1*2 singers cautioned her to beware the deceptive nature of her boyfriend. The “Poison” clip tells the story: the man is charming, suave, and seductive, but he’s also got his eyes on every other girl in the room. By the end of the clip, he’s actively flirting with a stranger at a stylish outdoor restaurant by the bay – and an outraged Brooklyn retaliates by tossing the keys to his SUV into the ocean. It’s a statement of independence, a fierce resolution; and one entirely consistent with Adam 8*1*2’s message of self-reliance.

To demonstrate the group’s broad appeal and mastery of several different pop styles, we’ve appended the clip for “Mystery Girl” to the reel. Unlike the rocking “Poison”, this is a slinkier affair, incorporating exotic beats and unusual instrumentation (a sitar!) into its infectious dance groove. The choreography in the clip is similarly offbeat: the members of Adam 8*1*2 incorporate some sexy belly-dancing moves into their enthusiastically-executed dance routine. The story of the clip, however, will be familiar to any young American – alluring girl, showy guy, banging party, the eternal rules of teenage courtship. The alluring Castille Landon spots a guy she likes, and judging by his reaction, we know for sure that the feeling is mutual. But she won’t be giving it away that easily: she demonstrates her attractiveness to him, and then leaves the house with her bandmates, self-assured and triumphant. (Meanwhile, he’s left to cool his jets in the swimming pool!)

We’re psyched to have the opportunity to work with the good folks in the Adam 8*1*2 camp to bring you these smoking clips. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at You can also visit to find out more about Adam 8*1*2.

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