Adamandevil “Outnumbered”

Xavier Raphael Vanegas/Victor Ridaura
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June 28, 2010


Hey everybody! It’s Andy Gesner and the rest of HIP Video Promo working tirelessly to find the next breaking indie outfit, and we’ve found it in Los Angeles’ latest buzzed-about band AdamandEvil. If the names Scott Fairbrother and Julian Shah-Tayler seem to ring a bell, it’s because this dynamic duo not only have songs featured in the Showtime hit Weeds and Val Kilmer’s new film 2:22, they are also formerly of the London band Whitey before they decided to move to the City of Angels in July 2007. They loved the West Coast so much that they’ve found a home base there and have since been collectively known as AdamandEvil.

AdamandEvil’s first big move into getting widely recognized comes in the form of their video for “Outnumbered.” At first glance, it seems like just another artfully shot video of streets and cityscapes as the camera has the effect of driving various buildings before zooming in on random pedestrians. Then you realize this isn’t just another artsy video that puts itself up for vague interpretation. This is because the next thing you see is Fairbrother and Shah-Tayler performing directly in front of the scene, which appears to be a film that’s been projected on a wall. Included in the film are an animated black and white “MISSING” poster of AdamandEvil and a somber-looking girl putting up the posters.

The theme of isolation in “Outnumbered” carries into the video where it’s as if the band – amidst performing – is watching a movie of their lives playing out in front of them as they watch these animated shadows of themselves wander the streets – and ultimately disappear. The hook of “Outnumbered” gets engrained in your head with the lyrics “Seems like I’m always, always outnumbered / I’ll stand alone” repeating itself over and over.

Feedback on “Outnumbered” has already been positive. Most recently, Buzzbin Magazine chose the song as “Benny’s Pick of the Month,” with the writer noting, “On one hand, it’s almost a dance song and yet you can sit, smoke and listen to it over and over each time seeing it from a different angle: the angry, the desolate, the take charge parts, trying to prepare and protect.” It’s this kind of complexity that will extend itself further to AdamandEvil’s upcoming debut album, produced by music industry staple Danny Saber (David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Madonna) which the pair are currently in the process of mixing and completing. In the meantime “Outnumbered” has been featured as the lead single on the Danny Saber-produced compilation called Saber Bytes, which has already garnered top 10 charting at CMJ on it’s own merit!

We’re beyond pumped to be at the forefront getting AdamandEvil’s name out there and working with the good folks at KES Music & Video Distribution throughout the process. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or email us at For more info on AdamandEvil you can visit