Airy Jeanine “Do You”

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Rock Davis / Jay Rodriguez
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December 23, 2015


Earlier this year we excitedly brought you the “Mama’s Girl” video from an emerging talent from our home state of New Jersey named Airy Jeanine. The multi-faceted Pop Singer, Songwriter, and Actress is a skilled multi-instrumentalist and is gifted with vocals that exude an easygoing ambience. Her performing repertoire is precise and focused, as she is charting a journey into a brilliant future that is unfolding with great promise. Programmers and critics alike responded positively. In fact, the “Mama’s Girl” video was just named by The Independent Music Network as their 2015 video of the year! Fresh off of this exciting news we are very excited to bring you the next offering by Airy Jeanine, the beautiful and serene “Do You.”

Where “Mama’s Girl” tapped into the energy of Airy Jeanine’s dance pop side, “Do You” pulls the tempo back and pulls the curtain back a bit to see a different side of her. The song moves at a deliberate pace, exploiting the emotional peaks and valleys of this song about a love that isn’t a sure thing. It creates a perfectly produced canvas for Airy Jeanine to paint a sincere story that despite the heavy emotion behind it, also calms and relaxes the listener. For anyone who has lived the same emotions, it’s incredibly refreshing to see an artist as young as Airy Jeanine is able to show a maturity and poise not often achieved until many more trips around the carousel of love.

“Do You” moves slow but hits hard. The narrative is shot in a slow motion style that stretches out every sequence for maximum effect. It revolves around Airy Jeanine and the object of her affection as they spend a beautiful autumn day strolling through the park. When they are together the connection is natural, but it is also partially forbidden. They spot each other across the park, but rather than tell their close friends, they simply exchange a knowing smile and find their own private time afterwards. In between this blossoming story of romance, shots of Jeanine in her NYC apartment show another side of the story. She longingly looks out the window at the passing city life below her, serenading the camera with a beautiful confidence that comes oh-so-naturally. Though she longs to know if this love they share between them is real, the connection is undeniable and makes for a beautiful tale to tell.

From all of here at HIP Video Promo, we thank our programming partners for the support we know will be shown to this gorgeous new video. We’re here to do anything we can to help get this into your programming, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can call Andy Gesner and the team at (732)-613-1779 or email me at for more info.

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