Amanda Ply “I Secretly”

Amanda PlyArtist:
Scott Culver
Add Date:
August 10, 2012


At the age of six, Amanda Ply was mesmerized by a snow globe playing Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” during a gift shop visit with her mother. This moment inspired her to begin teaching herself to play the piano and she never looked back. She spent over a decade learning classical piano, and unlike too many child prodigies who are forced into performing by their parents, Amanda will be the first to tell you she did it “because I wanted to. I’m happy to say my parents never forced it on me, and it was all out of my desire to get better.” All those years led to annual testing through two prestigious programs: The Music Teacher’s Association of California Certificate of Merit, and The National Guild Auditions. Amanda was constantly excelling at these tests and regularly invited to perform at state festivals.

It’s only natural that somewhere along the way she tried her hand at songwriting, and although her first efforts were simple tunes (with lyrics like “we’re floating on a boat, but no not a moat. It’s hot here in the sun, but oh this is so fun.”) she has developed into an honest and poetic songstress. Her debut EP, Runaway, is a collection of five songs that showcases her own unique sound that can be best described as a Karen Carpenter voice mashed together with an Eagles sound, sprinkled with a little bit of Alicia Keys dust on top. These are some pretty big names to throw around when discussing the 25 year old, but we can assure you she is most certainly worthy of the comparison.

After getting Amanda on our radar, we were excited to learn that she linked up with one of our favorite directors, Scott Culver, to create her new video for the first single “I Secretly”. The video is a sunny and sweet biographic story of Amanda and her secret crush. Even though these two may be just friends on the surface, underneath she has a soft spot for the gentleman, which can be seen in the bright white smiles she flashes and the loving gazes she sends his way. Although it’s hard to imagine anyone in their right mind not scooping up this beauty, we are left wondering throughout whether these emotions are reciprocated or if they are truly “just friends.” We won’t give it away, but the answer reveals itself by the end of the clip.

We’re excited to be working with Gary Lux and Tubby Tunes Music to bring you this delightful clip from a truly deserving artist like Amanda Ply. We’ve got copies of Runaway on hand for you and your viewers so please don’t hesitate to be in touch! If you need more info you can contact Andy Gesner at (732)-613-1779 or email us at