Aradia "On Fire" & "Today"

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Aradia/Avast Productions (Asher Vast, Kevin Preston)
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February 6, 2015

The virtual dancehall that is the world of electronic music is a crowded and disparate place, full of talents great and small. Those who stand out in the mayhem are those with electric talents and eclectic personalities. One or the other will usually suffice, but occasionally someone comes along with both. Meet Aradia. She has both.

The Seattle-based singer/songwriter has culled an original sound that can only be called roktronika; born of a love for new wave, trip-hop, rock and hardcore Electronica. The daughter of a musician/music therapist and a ballet dancer, Aradia was immersed in the world of music. Like a fish in water, Aradia thrived in her environment. She began playing piano at 3 years old, flute at 8 and guitar at 14. All the while Aradia was plying her voice to any song she could find.

This NYC native has cut her teeth in Los Angeles, New York City, and Atlanta with her previous outfit Twelfth Planet, with highlights including opening for Muse and an audience of 100,000+ at the Chicago Auto Show. Once the band had run its course she embarked on a solo effort that is a unique blend of rock, pop, trip-hop and Electronica that recalls an otherworldly mix of Donna Summer, Trent Reznor, David Bowie and George Harrison. While this may sound like a strange mix to comprehend her two new videos for “On Fire” and “Today” are sure to shed some light on the matter!

“On Fire” is the darker of the two, set in a dark subterranean dwelling. Aradia is front and center amongst the crowd, standing out in a variety of dazzling and dangerous fire red wardrobes. Visually we are given a showcase of a variety of fire handlers and bohemian spirits, all of whom come together for a thrilling evening of temptation and satisfaction.

“Today” is the second clip and presents itself in a lighter manner. Whereas “On Fire” channels the Trent Reznor, “Today” is more in line with the George Harrison side of her inspiration. The video is a lighthearted romp with Aradia and her friends and bandmates as they celebrate the power of dreaming and music together on the playground, and alone in their bedrooms. The song is about your younger self visiting to remind you that “The now” is always most important and we should remember to enjoy it and have fun. It’s uplifting, empowering and a beautiful example of Aradia as a performer and songwriter.

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