Art & Wolf "Where Has All My Money Gone?"

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Martin Lachmair
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September 1, 2015


It doesn’t take an expert to see that the global economy is a fragile thing, with the ultra-wealthy and powerful pocketing more and more while the rest of the world struggles. In some parts of the Western world unemployment amongst the youth is as high as fifty percent. While this is easily dismissed by the corporate fat cats as a problem of motivation and work ethic, Austria’s Arnold Wolf knows that is not the case. The desire to work is strong, but the jobs just simply aren’t there, a product of a broken system. In his new single “Where Has My Money Gone?” Wolf has recruited the talented crooner Pete Art to lend a distinct voice to his music. Together they call themselves Art & Wolf and in the new video they speak a universal language that everyone can easily understand

Arnold Wolf says “Where Has All My Money Gone?” is “an appeal to the responsible parties to end this dangerous development. At the same time I want to inspire hope and courage within the young people of today to rise up united and find a better way of living on this planet.” It’s a simple message to get behind, but sometimes messages of hope and optimism can be drowned out in the all of the noise of negativity. In order to make it stick, Wolf enlisted Pete Art, a fellow Austrian with an instantly recognizable voice. His upbringing and studious understanding of Elvis Presley and other greats give Art the ability to captivate audiences from the get-go.

In the music video for “Where Has All My Money Gone?” we see the many sides of the youth of Europe, some obviously faring much better than others. Shots of corporate offices are juxtaposed with a disgruntled crew staring down a bleak future. The video evolves to show some of the mass protests seen in recent years to protest the harsh economic policies put in place in order to save an already fragile economy. Both Art & Wolf make appearances in the video, and the video ends on an uplifting note with the children of tomorrow, reminding us that the human spirit is a resilient one and better days lie ahead if we can come together to make a change for the better.

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