Azure Ray “New Resolution”

Azure RayArtist:
Sam Jones
Add Date:
January 19, 2004


Azure Ray are Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink. Having first met as high school classmates at the Alabama School of Fine Arts, they have been writing and performing together in various forms ever since. Now based in Omaha, Nebraska, they are part of the renowned Saddle Creek family of indie artists. In addition to their four releases as Azure Ray, Taylor and Fink have collaborated with artists such as Moby and Bright Eyes. The latest Azure Ray recording, Hold On Love, is the source for this compelling clip, “New Resolution”.

Simply put, this video is wonderful. It’s got a slick feel to it, but the story line and lighting counter the high production quality. Shot in a haze of sunset gold and pale ochre, “New Resolution” is suffused throughout with a dreamlike ambiance. Maria and Orenda are walking, seemingly aimlessly, down a dusty road through a desert landscape that could be Nevada or could be Mars. Here they encounter the most well dressed and well mannered group of mod-rocker/bikers imaginable.

The ladies remain composed and aloof as a traveling camera simulates their vaguely menacing orbit. As Azure Ray outpaces their pursuers they maintain a calm, unflappable demeanor as they crest a ridge and vanish in a cloud of dust. Quite a striking image for sure. Sam Jones (well known for his Wilco documentary) has done an excellent job directing this clip and his visual aesthetic creates a dreamy, surreal feeling throughout.

Musically, the song is a delicate blend of acoustic and electronica, simultaneously sedate and haunting. The lyrics are moody and introspective. The delivery is quietly intense. Maria and Orenda’s voices blend smoothly and subtly, creating a synergistic whole beyond the sum of its parts. Even while singing of racing hearts and roaring down the highway, Maria and Orenda project an aura of self possession and, while appearing vulnerable, are in complete control.

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