Atlantic Avenue “The Fool I Am”

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John Komar
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February 7, 2013


HIP Video Promo presents a video clip by a new artist Atlantic Avenue. With pop-punk inspired vocals and guitar riffs, their music transcends contemporary pop music by adding elements that are reminiscent of the most renowned pop-punk bands. Their newest clip “The Fool I Am” emanates this budding band’s ability to create astounding rhythms that are tied to sensational and groundbreaking lyrics.

Hailing from a suburb outside of Philadelphia in an area where the local music scene is primarily non-existent, Atlantic Avenue began as a small-scale music project that quickly grew into something no one expected. Lead vocalist and guitarist Jon Sayer captivates pop-punk audiences with his astounding lyrical ability; his vocals capture the much-loved pop-punk music scene with comparisons to much loved musicians of the past. With influences tied to New Found Glory and The Starting Line, Atlantic Avenue is producing a well-rounded blend of pop-infused music that transcends their contemporaries and is wowing the current music scene.

After being nominated for MTV’s VMA “Breakout Artist of Philadelphia” and performing their very first show for over ten thousand eager fans, interest in the band rapidly grew. Their self-released EP One Night Only promoted a tour of the east coast and left music fans anticipating their next action. Atlantic Avenue spent the summer of 2011 rocking out on the stages during Vans Warped Tour, and showed no sign of slowing down any time soon. After much press and critical acclaim from their new album When the Lights Go Down, Atlantic Avenue has made a name for themselves. Eulogy Records presents their breakthrough video for the most anticipated single yet “The Fool I Am,” offering contemporary music fans of all ages with a band that breaks the rules and shows no boundaries.

Directed by John Komar, who worked on Patent Pending’s clip for “Spin Me Around,” “The Fool I Am” captivates viewers and sends us on an emotional roller coaster. We are presented with a gloomy setting in a cemetery where a young man who has lost the one he loved visits her grave. The death of the young woman takes it toll on the young man, and the song and lyrics act as incredible backing music to the clip. “The Fool I Am” is somewhat of a mini film, and the band itself is seen rocking out in their usual performing attire. The song creates an atmosphere that matches the setting of the clip, yet all eyes and ears are glued to the witty performing styles of Atlantic Avenue.

With a year of touring and an incredible EP under their belt, it is clear that Atlantic Avenue have all of the right credentials for becoming the next best thing on the pop-punk music scene. “The Fool I Am,” from their newest album When the Lights Go Down, serves the purpose as a sneak peek to the future success of Atlantic Avenue. For more information, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit for more info about Atlantic Avenue.

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