AV Super Sunshine “Smile”

AV Super Sunshine
Directed by AV Super Sunshine
Victor House Records
Add date – 4/13/2020

About AV Super Sunshine

AV Super Sunshine has been living the peace, love, and rock ‘n roll life for some time now, and he has the discography to show for it. His down-to-earth persona, contagiously positive perspective, and unique blend of pop, rock and EDM have gained hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. In 2019 the artist saw a spike in radio play in Asia, Europe, South America and the UK with multiple number 1 hits on both the EuroIndie Music Charts and the World Indie Music Charts.  With support from the BBC, AV also cracked the top 20 of both the DRT Global Adult Contemporary and Global Rock commercial airplay charts. His next global radio release, “Smile,” was first introduced a few years ago with a dance mix and video which saw a lot of spins.  The pop/rock version of “Smile” featured here is every bit as fun and infectious as his followers have come to expect.

About “Smile”

Right from the first fuzzy synth and acoustic guitar notes of “Smile,” you can feel your day getting a tiny bit better. It’s another soulful uplifter produced by multi-platinum studio whiz Michael Bradford (Madonna, Anita Baker, Deep Purple, Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart). He keeps the track lighter than air, with a head-bobbing retro drum pad beat and sunshine-y chorus backups. AV Super Sunshine uses his signature chilled out melodies to let us all know that in the era of global interconnectivity, the tiniest gesture can be felt around the world. AV Super Sunshine’s always made it a point to see the good in everything, then write a song that you can not get out of your head.

About the video

AV Super Sunshine and crew packed up and headed out into the high desert northeast of LA to shoot at the Rest Easy Inn. It’s a movie set originally built for a straight-to-video Dennis Hopper flick, and the “Smile” shoot is probably the most fun the dusty location has seen in years. AV Super Sunshine’s partner-collaborator-muse Philomena, who also executive produced, hangs out in one of the cherry-red booths of the classic diner, joined by a mannequin. The kid in AV Super Sunshine was no doubt thrilled when he found out that the mannequins used here were also in Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. (That counts as meeting someone famous, right?). We catch cinematographer Reinhart (Ray) Peschke behind the camera throughout this shoot-within-a-shoot, framing the diner shots and slo-mo tossing AV’s plastic co-stars in the hotel pool as the song plays. It’s a video made in the middle of nowhere, to remind us all that nowadays, a passing facial expression can be felt everywhere. 

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