AV Super Sunshine “Super Sunshine Girl”

AV Super SunshineArtist:
Brandon Domer
Add Date:
December 8, 2015


AV Super Sunshine is an artist who proudly looks to the past to find inspiration for the future. His love of AAA American Rock shines through in his music with bold instrumentation, infectious melodies, and an all-around grooving vibe. As he continues to work towards new music and new releases, AV Super Sunshine has decided to keep us all happy by sharing some of his back catalog for our enjoyment. First, the “Baby Goodbye” video is back with traction after one go-round with programmers due to the single catching fire at CMJ and AAA radio grabbing the #7 spot on Billboards Hot Single Sales chart in October . The other is “Super Sunshine Girl,” a video from an earlier collection of AV Super Sunshine recordings. Both videos are a unique look into the path that AV Super Sunshine has traveled to get where he is today.

“Super Sunshine Girl” video takes it’s cue from the song title, with an absolutely radiant female as the centerpiece. She also happens to be the bassist of the AV Super Sunshine band, so it’s no wonder that her and AV share an incredibly deep bond. As the two of them carelessly wander the town together the mood is carefree and full of life. An interesting sidetone is that since this is from the AV Super Sunshine archives we get to glimpse AV himself in an earlier incarnation. Not quite fully immersed in his trademark wardrobe it is a glimpse into the past that helps us painter a more complete picture of the evolution of AV Super Sunshine.

The video for “Baby Goodbye” is the perfect video compliment to the sound of the song. The song is played out in front of an old cityscape projected onto the background in the style of 60’s cinema, and appropriately enough AV is seen cruising in a killer Pontiac GTO with a variety of groovy gals. Those shots are juxtaposed with scenes of AV and his band fully immersed in the vibes of the song and taking us back to another decade of psychedelic-infused good times. A constant kaleidoscope of colors and moving lights really brings it all together for a look and feel that brings the past roaring into the present!

We are excited to keep bringing you and your viewers the best of the best! If you’d like more information on AV Super Sunshine or Victor House Records, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.AVSuperSunshine.com for more info.

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