Banned & Outlawed “Keepin’ It Western”

Banned and Outlawed
“Keepin’ It Western”
Directed by Unreel Creative
Add date – 6/17/2024

About Banned and Outlawed

Being loud and proud comes naturally and easily for two country folk who are not only bandmates but also brothers. Jon and Daniel Hnatishin make up the country-rock duo Banned and Outlawed, the poster child for Canadian pride. Playing fiddles since they were toddlers, it was only a matter of time before the brothers began writing and recording their own music with their personalities and proud attributes intertwined with the instrumentals and lyrics. As big believers in hard work and a sense of community, Banned and Outlawed want to have fun by showing just exactly who they are and putting their rural, country crowd on display.

About “Keepin’ It Western”

Banned and Outlawed shouts an anthem dedicated to their rough and tough, rustic Canadian lifestyle, praising the life of a countryman. “Keepin’ It Western” is covered in the blood and sweat of patriotic devotees who turn to music to show how their lifestyle is exactly what they dreamed of, from the moment the rooster crows to when the moon rises high. The country twang vocals, southern guitar riffs, and quick drum fills show that their work is a privilege and keep them in the Northern mindset. They get to be proud of every moment they live out on the farm.

About the “Keepin’ It Western” Music Video

Pulling up through the muddy roads in a picture-perfect, red Dodge truck, the men enter the scene in head-to-toe country attire with a banjo in hand. With haystacks as their backdrop, Banned and Outlawed rock out in their backyard as they pay tribute to the life that taught them everything that they know. Closeups of their talent show that each beat and each note has made its mark on the place that has done so much for them.

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