Scott Beardslee and Josh Bassett
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November 8, 2016


Culturally diverse, nomadic duo Bassett have always strayed from the beaten path. It is this chronic search for identity, peace and creative release that led them to the vast landscapes of the California desert which served as inspiration for their newest EP and video of the same name, Ghost Hwy.

Bassett consists of multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Josh Bassett and bassist Tak Ozaki. Their origins couldn’t be more different. Josh grew up in New Jersey, then pursued music in Miami and San Francisco before ultimately settling in Los Angeles, where he began developing his singing and songwriting style while working as a session musician for hire. It was there that he crossed paths with Tak, who grew up in Kobe, Japan, spent time playing and learning English in Dublin, Ireland, then eventually landing in LA, where he met his musical kindred spirit, Josh.

They’ve spent the majority of their band’s existence on the road performing in every nook and cranny of the US, and their travels serving as endless songwriting inspiration. Perhaps nowhere was more formative than a trip to Joshua Tree and the surrounding areas. Their time in the desert acted as a springboard for their new, introspective and trance-like material. Musically, the Bassett sound is organic and vibrant, meshing the power and edge of rock with moods, colors, and textures that extend beyond the typical rock realm, drawing from an extensive background in instrumental music. As a result, Ghost Hwy is a far stretch from Bassett’s debut, Vanishing, which brandished fierce and heavy Zeppelin-esque rock.

More than a cliche music video, “Ghost Hwy” is a poetic short film about the discovery of the individual filled with gorgeous open California landscapes from the dashboard of a vintage 1972 Ford Mustang. It begins with Josh deep in the heart of Los Angeles, with the concrete jungle surrounding him on all sides. As he looks pensively over the 101 snaking through Hollywood it’s apparent his mind is elsewhere. After answering a call from his confidant Tak, he sets off towards the desert, eager to escape the shackles of life in the big city and fulfill an always-burning sense of wanderlust.

Tak is already well on his way by foot, headed across the vast landscape. Their use of the unique Salton Sea landscape and it’s unique blend of life and destruction is a thing of true beauty. Specifically, the post-apocalyptic beauty of the desolate Bombay Beach sets the perfect stage for their continuous search for inner truth. As Josh and Tak finally cross paths, their unspoken bond and journey together is complete. Or has it finally just begun?

Bassett is filling a void in modern music, giving listeners an organic approach that reconnects them to the music whether it be through a small pair of earbuds or through the loudest car stereo. We would love to hook you up with a copy of Ghost Hwy, so please get in touch with us here at HIP Video Promo to let us know! You can contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779, email us at You can also visit or for more info on BASSETT.


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