Bernard Hyppolite “That Vendor”

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Richard Senecal
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February 24, 2016


With his previous clip for “Ayiti,” Bernard Hyppolite presented us with a unique perspective into the beautiful people of his homeland, Haiti. He seamlessly combined the natural beauty of the land with the deep cultural roots that calls the island home. On his follow up video for “The Vow,” Bernard showed his faith and strong personal convictions of the true meaning of marriage that involve loving others wholeheartedly. 

This benevolent and selfless approach is how Bernard chooses to live his life. Putting others first is what he does. In his new video for “That Vendor,” he takes his compassion and love for his homeland rolls them into one thought provoking clip. “That Vendor” tells the story of a wonderful Haitian woman whose care for her family and others, and her desire to make the lives around her better, is an inspiration to everyone she touches. Though the days are long and the struggle is never-ending, the love that they all share between them fills the days with joy.

The style of the video is subtle but intriguing. Though it is shot almost entirely in black and white, a few pastel colored homes keep their color and dot the landscape. As the woman goes about her day she comes across all walks of life from fellow merchants, to school children, to the amputee neighbor played by Bernard whom she takes into her home to help. Her love and compassion extends well beyond her own home and it’s apparent based on the warm reception that greets her on her return home. 

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