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July 16, 2012


From the album Sound of My Steps, HIP Video Promo presents you with a rising hip-hop artist who illuminates confidence and individuality through the beats of his songs—Big Bossidy. With a sound that can be compared to artists such as Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Shaggy and Nina Sky, this contemporary hip-hop star creates a style of his own that is unique and incredible. Not only does his music offer a certain hypnotic feel, but also next to hip-hop elements, his music contains R&B progressions that you can dance and relate to.

Alban Kozhani, or better known as Big Bossidy, had a short-lived and almost non-existent childhood in Kosovo. Full of familial struggles and animosity, he basically just tried to get by through the hardships of the Balkan War throughout the 90’s. However, Canada had granted Big Bossidy and his family refuge status after years of struggle and they resided in Canada. Next to helping his family cope with the differences between their lives from their homeland and their lives in Canada, Big Bossidy continued to write and create music during the little bit of down time that he had. In fact, the first song he had ever written is called “The War,” in which he creates a memory of those who suffered and died fighting for their rights and freedom. Throughout the years, he has continued to write music and be influenced by contemporary artists such as Tu-Pac, Nas, and Jay-Z. His graceful style and heartfelt approach to music can be heard throughout his songs. It is with the production of his new video for the single, “Everybody Looks” that we as viewers can appreciate the struggles that Big Bossidy has experienced, as well as the long time commitment that he has towards his music.

“Everybody Looks” is a song that emanates confidence. In the video, Big Bossidy walks the city streets knowing that he will be approached—knowing that he will ultimately be looked at. The theme of this song states that in a large city, every one competes just to get by, all the while thinking they are the greatest and most magnificent people on earth. But with Big Bossidy, there is no competition; he has lived through it all, and struggled immensely. Set by a futuristic, alien-invasion of females, the song captures the essence that Big Bossidy is the next best thing in music. Emerging from both the hip-hop and R&B scene, this artist will mesmerize you with his beats and lure you with his magical prophecies.

Big Bossidy’s assurance of captivation through his music will charm you, make you envious, and overall, will inspire you. “Everybody Looks” is a video about the jealousy and hatred of other people, but the importance of carrying confidence with you wherever you go. Besides confidence, what else is more important to have in a world full of competition? Big Bossidy’s style captures a creative and stylistic flow that is undeniably hard to replicate and incredibly soul searching.

We’re happy to be working with such a deserving artist, and we’re here to get you whatever you may need to include this video in your programming. If you need more info you can contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at .

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