Big Greg “OH NO” ft. LaTruth

Big Greg
“OH NO” ft. LaTruth Music Video
Directed by Kevin Ruzkacki
Manifest Music
Add date – 07/11/19

About Big Greg

Success, achievement, and working hard: those are the words that greet visitors to Big Greg’s Facebook page. Greg Dunston is a family man and proud father from Raleigh, NC, now based out of Charlotte. Greg discovered a passion for hip-hop while participating in college freestyle sessions, and earned the nickname The Punch Line Kid (P.L.K.) from the punch lines he’d create in his memorable lyrics. With a laid back flow and dope hooks, Big Greg is on the rise as the next hip hop legend. Inspired by real-life lessons, he creates music that makes you feel good – and music you can groove to – without the use of profanity. 

Big Greg debuted in 2010 with the What’s It Gonna Be Like mixtape, building his following on campus and in the city in college. His catchy lyrics and singing vocals drew comparisons to Drake, and the single “Like A Stripped” received regional acclaim and led to many tours. In 2015, he won the Hip Hop Artist of the Year awards at the Charlotte Music Awards International (CMAI) and received a Hollywood Music in Media (HMMA) nomination. The next year, he won the Matador Green Energy Drink theme song contest and the follow-up single “You Can Have It All” won the HMMA for Song of the Year.

About the video

The latest release from Big Greg is “Oh No,” featuring his labelmate LaTruth, and it’s currently packing dancefloors worldwide. Like many of the best songs, it comes from a true story – “Oh No” is about a past relationship that he was in, where he could barely afford to buy food for himself – let alone spoil his girl the way she wanted, which made him feel inadequate. He says, “After about five months in, she told me that she could do better by finding someone that could spoil her. Shortly after, she began dating a guy who had graduated and was well off into his career, and the rest is history. I wanted to capture that story for ‘Oh No’ and the fight scene was basically how I would have imagined it would have went down, me knocking him OUT!”  

In the “Oh No” video, Big Greg and LaTruth take to the screen to speak directly to the camera, sharing their heartbreak and real feelings and experiences from their side of the story. It’s not easy watching your girl walk away with someone else – especially when that someone else can give her something that you can’t. Who wouldn’t want to fight?

Want more from Big Greg and HIP Video Promo?

With “Oh No” being released to the world, Big Greg is well on his way to proving his dominance in the NC hip-hop scene and taking over worldwide. We’re collectively working with Karvin Johnson/KES, our Chicago based networking partners and alliance. We’d love to see this video included in your regular programming and online presentations, so let us know what we can do to make sure that happens! Big Greg is an up-and-coming rapper you won’t want to miss. You can contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at 732-613-1779 or email us at For more info on Big Greg, check out