Blur “Crazy Beat”

John Hardwick
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May 26, 2003


Blur are back and HIP Video Promo is proud to announce we will be championing them! This Tuesday, May 6th will mark the release of Blur’s new album Think Tank on Virgin Records, a record highly anticipated here in the states after the phenomenal success of “Song 2” on radio, at video outlets and even tons of television commercials (those “Whoo-hoos” stick in your head). Lead singer Damon Albarn has returned to man the helm of the Starship Blur after the indisputable success of his side project Gorillaz and enlisted Fat Boy Slim to help out producing the highly infectious first American single, “Crazy Beat.” Though Think Tank explores many new musical landscapes, “Crazy Beat” is reminiscent of what made “Song 2” such a huge hit here in America with it’s sonically bruising guitars, snotty snarl and bone crushing impact. Fat Boy Slim’s influences throughout the track are showcased in the bridges and choruses on this upbeat, electro-punk jolt.

Blur’s video for “Crazy Beat”, is magically eclectic, digging back into the roots of modern rock with echoes of the likes of XTC. One can almost make out the spirit of the late, great Joe Strummer in the crackling electronic ectoplasm that bestrides the billiard table like a demented colossus, while deciding the musical question: “Should I Stay or Should I Go”. The set for “Crazy Beat” includes dozens and dozens of guitar amps to accentuate the blaring, in your face aesthetic while the plethora of electronic equipment monitored by a lone, rebellious oscilloscope serve notice that Blur is musically ready to embrace many of the musical ideas Albarn discovered while working with Gorillaz.

It helps that this green ghost of British pop past comes from the machine, in the guise of Albarn’s effects pedals.., it reinforces Blur’s solid grounding in that tradition that includes Nick Lowe, Ian Dury, all the way back to Billy Fury. That’s not to say that this is retro music – it has the rare quality of being both respectful and playfully rebellious simultaneously. Like The Clash, they’re loud and raunchy, but, for all that, they are thoughtful and precise; particularly the rhythm section of Alex James (bass) and Dave Rowntree (drums). “Crazy Beat” is exactly what it purports to be – attractively eccentric, to be sure, but also a solid, no-nonsense rocker that should be a hit with viewers. HIP Video has teamed up with Amani Duncan and Jeannette Echeverri at Virgin Records to get the word out about the return of Blur. We have copies of the band’s brand new CD, buttons, stickers, even way cool iron-on patches for the most die-hard Blur fans. We are very excited about this campaign and want to make sure our programming friends get all their Blur needs met. Call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 if you need anything, or you can e-mail <

Visit Virgin Records Visit Blur
Visit Virgin Records Visit Blur