Bo Weber "California Babe"

Bo WeberArtist:
Thuan Dang
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October 6, 2015


In the summer of 2013, Bo Weber experienced a monumental set back. After a two and half year fight, his mother Wendy died of Ovarian Cancer. Wendy was his biggest supporter in all he did, including his music. Bo continued to move forward by focusing his efforts on his pop/punk band, which they had formed out of high school. However, many changes were soon to happen.

“Everything was falling apart. My family, my relationships, my finances and my band. I soon realized it was time to reinvent myself.”

After two years of woodshedding with new sounds in his home studio, the first single to come out from under the dust is titled “California Babe.” “I wrote this song for my girlfriend Emily. She is originally from California, and has always wanted to move back. She is actually the girl in the music video.” 

As the star of the “California Babe” video, Emily shines in the role of the wanderlust-driven starlet. In lockstep with the lyrics of the song, the video shows Emily cruising the beautiful streets of coastal California in a classic Ford pickup truck. Flashbacks show her past life before the big move, and all indications point to this being the right decision. With Bo serenading the camera from the bed of the truck, and then joining her on the Santa Monica beach, it’s a radiant and uplifting clip that will keep the summer in our hearts and minds just a little bit longer. 

“Writing music is my way of healing. I wouldn’t be able to express my emotions properly without it. The road that I have been led down has given me a lot to say, and its important that I share my message to those who can benefit from it.” We’re proud to be working with an artist like Bo, who shows such strength and purpose for someone of his age. If there is anything we can do here at HIP Video Promo to get this video into your programming, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779, email us at for more info.

Bo Weber