Brigg Fair “Last Surrender”

Brigg FairArtist:
Dorian Coss
Add Date:
March 29, 2012


Being bold and unafraid are traits that seem to be less and less prevalent in modern music. All too often we are inundated with safe music, safe videos, safe lyrics and safe recording. Well, we’re happy to tell you that Brigg Fair is here to turn all of that upside down and bring something to the table that has some teeth to it! Step 1: Find yourself an old church that has been converted into a recording studio Step 2: Record the album live. Step 3: Don’t shy away from the heavy subject matter. And Step 4: Make a video that brings it all together and will have you looking over your shoulder the next time you think about trusting a stranger.

Brigg Fair’s principle songwriter Geoff Ereth is a man who considers music to be something he “couldn’t ignore or live without” when he set down this path. He’ll make a scratch recording of a song and walk around for hours listening to it on headphones to absorb it and really dig into the theme & energy of his creation. It comes together in a way that finds a balance between emotionally feeling like it is a stream of conscious connection while also appreciating that all of the details have been meticulously thought through. Based on the palette of a piano, bass and drums, Brigg Fair is void of the over the top distorted guitars and walls of amps in your face. But by leaving some sonic headroom they always deliver a sound that can sound as big as a mammoth on the Siberian tundra or as small and delicate as a monarch butterfly in the breeze.

In their video for “Last Surrender” we are treated to a glimpse of the kind of dark beauty that has made Brigg Fair a must-know act. The video begins with two free-spirited young ladies hitchhiking on a quiet back road (although appropriately in front of a cemetery) and managing to score a lift from a good samaritan passing by in his work van. The camaraderie begins very positively and everyone is having a good time, sharing lots of laughs and even a few party favors along the way. But it isn’t long before the real intentions of the girls come to light and their cunning and deceitful ways come to the surface, taking advantage of the male lead’s generosity (and certainly his fantasies as well), by tying him to his own steering wheel and taking the wallet right out of his own pocket! Naturally, he is seeking some retribution for this act, but he underestimates how downright deadly and dastardly these girls really are…….

We are very pleased to be working together with the fine gents from Brigg Fair and to bring you the “Last Surrender” video. If you’d like some copies of their full length offering, Kill Yourself For Change, please don’t hesitate to be in touch. You can call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or email us at