Bruce Sudano “American Sunset”


Bruce Sudano
“American Sunset”
Directed by Roksound
Purple Heart Recording Co
Add date – 9/10/2020

About Bruce Sudano

A household name like Bruce Sudano is prominent for his extensive music career both on stage and behind the scenes. The singer/songwriter is a former member of pop-rock bands Brooklyn Dreams and Alive N Kickin’. His genre versatility makes him a key player for some of the biggest tracks in pop history, like a country-pop hit for Dolly Parton, an electro-funk track for his late wife Donna Summer, and a radio gem for Michael Jackson. The Brooklyn-born star could retire thanks to his massive commercial success, but his solo career shows no signs of taking a break. Sudano has taken an Americana route in upcoming EP, Spirals Vol. 2… Time & The Space In Between and addresses subjects that are more sincere than what other artists sing about. He designates his acoustic guitar and voice as his weapon of choice against the daily obstacles of the human experience. 

Sudano now runs the indie record label, Purple Heart Recording Company, and has toured alongside diverse musicians like Johnnyswim and The Zombies. Every day of his life is centered around his music, and every single day he still finds creative inspiration and time for improvement. He continues to blur the line between folk, blues, and pop to create lyrically honest music that is universal.

About the video

Very few words can describe the condition of America in 2020 – between the political divide, rising social inequality, leading the world in Coronavirus death tolls, and our crumbling environment, another natural disaster as soon as the last one passes; every day becomes more exhausting. A whole book could be written about the calamity – or a whole song. Sudano covers all of the distress in an assured and patient new track, “American Sunset.” All too familiar clips of protests and presidential rallies saturate the screen while the comforting guitar strings renew light back into our darkness. No matter our ethnicity, political stance, or income, the one thing the millions of us have in common at the end of the day is the sunset. The immaculate sunset is a trope for peace and unity, and if it is not restored, the red, white, and blue sky will lack its stars. 

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