Cardamone “Killer”


Directed by Martijn Sedgfield
Ocean Music Group
Add date – 5/12/2023

About Cardamone

In tune with the mellow, moody vibes of her hometown, Melbourne, Australia, pop singer-songwriter CARDAMONE is much more than meets the eye. Behind the obvious authority of her sultry voice and somber storytelling, she carries with her stories, experiences, and perspectives from a global career in performing arts. After moving to Los Angeles as a young dancer, she landed gigs as a dancer behind mega-stars like Justin Bieber and Flo Rida. Finding that backup work didn’t fully scratch her itch for expression, she dove into intensive voice training, honing her craft and proving that hard work can create astounding results—listen to her belt like Adele, stylishly seduce like Billie Eilish, or croon like Amy Winehouse. Singing brought her notoriety in LA, then took her to a residency at Hanoi’s prestigious Playboy Establishment, ultimately landing her back in Australia to deepen her solo work. Now coupled with the Swedish label Ocean Music Group, she’s crafting an EP of songs to show off her full range and growth as an artist.

About the “Killer” video

CARDAMONE’s latest single, “Killer,” is an example of her vocal talent and her visionary storytelling as an artist. Patiently building in intensity through voice and mounting orchestration, CARDAMONE paints a picture of control and longing in an unsatisfying relationship. The instrumentals and lyrics beckon to title songs of Bond movies of the recent past, and her voice holds up to the likes of Adele, Sam Smith, and Billie Eilish. The song seamlessly swings from fragile intimacy to boldfaced dominance—a seemingly effortless display of artistic talent and expression.

Dive deeper into the allure of CARDAMONE’s “Killer” through her stunning new video. Directed by Martijn Sedgfield, the film features breathtaking choreography by Benjamin Curé and Neville Parry. Twirling through a sea of movement in pastels and earth tones, CARDAMONE seduces and dismisses member after member of the Identity Dance Program. Flaunting her natural ability in dance, she makes a case for her place among similar triple-threat artists like Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. With continuity of theme flowing through vocals and visuals, this video announces CARDAMONE’s arrival as a killer of boundaries, expectations, and critics alike.

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