Chach “Lovesick” & “Outta Here”

Chach/Ryan Ellis & Jamie Spurway
Add Date:
February 20, 2012


Greetings fellow music lovers, Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff are pleased to introduce an exciting new artist that redefines the description of fierce. From her new album Addicted, the artist known as Chach delivers upbeat music with strong qualities that cannot be ignored. However, with an intriguing style of her own, this talented performer presents us with music that entertains and delivers high quality musical substance.

As music fans, we tend to search for sounds and rhythms that take us away from the boredoms of our every day routine lives. Chach not only gives us a freedom to wander the whereabouts of music, but also sets forth a feeling of refreshing contemplation. Her ability to define her personality in charismatic ways makes it hard to pinpoint her identity, but it is clear that her style is eclectic and she owns it entirely through her music. Her voice retracts comparisons to a hipper version of Jennifer Lopez, but her look is like no other. From a risqué nurse’s costume to a classy city-like ensemble, she represents every form of a woman.

Her video for “Lovesick” promotes the intriguing sides of obsession and love. Dressed as a sexy nurse in an insane asylum, she entertains the fact that when we are in love we are sidetracked and blinded from our usual desires. The video explains that human beings go to far extremes in order to get what they want; Chach shows off her direct approach to the opposite sex by having a number of good-looking men adhering to her demands. The playful idea that these men are her toys extracts the message that love is tempting and aggressive, but when we are so-called love sick we will find any way to get what we want.

On the other hand, her video for “Outta Here” describes the slow decline of the need to be surrounded by routine. The video is set within the streets of a busy downtown city; lights, cars, and people of all kinds surround Chach as she releases her need to take a vacation from the restraints of every day life. Throughout the video, you find that you are in touch with the message that she puts forth. Her search for freedom within a busy, yet lonely city also pokes fun at the humors of what we see on a daily basis. However, the fact of the matter surrounds the idea that this artist is a fun-loving and mature soul that is free and willing to spread her ideas on freedom. The song is upbeat and should be listened to on full volume, for not only is it a cry for mankind to slow down, but it is a reason to have fun every day.

Without artists that inspire and influence such heartwarming ideas, the music industry is lost. Chach is an old soul with a personality like that of fire. Through listening to her music, you may find yourself at ease and in a content mindset. The thoughts that run through our minds regarding love, work, failure, and success seem to weigh us down, but Chach’s music reminds us to stay free from the worries and strains of our lives and to just live. Her musical reminders not only empower us, but they keep us highly entertained and wanting more. For more info you can contact Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or email us at .