Chantele DiBrava “Friday Night Lights”

Chantele DiBravaArtist:
Chantele DiBrava
“Friday Night Lights”
Kenny Hollywood
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December 15, 2015


Chantele DiBrava is a an all-American Jersey girl with a love and fondness for the classics in life. She cites artists such as Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton as major influences in regard to her love and passion for rock and soul music. Thematically speaking her sound is a mixture of love, hate, joy, pain, God, redemption, addiction, forgiveness, darkness, light, wisdom, and justice. That may seem like a handful, but her talents are on full display as she navigates it all with an ease that only the most skilled singer-songwriters can accomplish.

“Friday Night Lights” is a shining example of Chantele’s musical balancing act. The song starts out with an electronic backbeat that is quiet at first but with an intensity that just yearns to explode. She commands the verses with authority and by the time the chorus hits it has reached another level of intensity. The song has a rock and roll energy, and Chantele throws a powerful vocal performance on top of it that would make Aretha proud. Emphatic and nuanced, she never misses a beat, even nailing the modulation at the end to bring the song to another level of excellence.

Her new single for “Friday Night Lights” is a musical gem that celebrates small town life, love at first sight and the spirit and morale that high school football brings to cities and towns across America. The video tells a tale of young small town love that begins under the bleachers and grows stronger over the years. As with many young men of the day he is sent away to Vietnam, but fast forward 38 years and it has all worked out. She has a few more wrinkles and he’s now in a wheelchair, but they still find themselves front and center at the local football game. Only this, they are there to see their grandson in his first game under the Friday night lights. It’s a touching tale that we can all appreciate and covet in our own lives, hoping we’ll all be so lucky to have that one day.

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Chantele DiBrava