Cole Armour “Original”

Cole ArmourArtist:
Robert Fresco
Add Date:
May 15, 2013


Cole Armour’s amazing ability to captivate music listeners is gaining more and more recognition each day. At the mere age of fourteen, he has his own style mixed with a mature grace that inspires every type of music listener. With experience in the pop genre, this young artist is making a name for himself while showing off his unique ability in performing arts. HIP Video Promo presents his newest video clip “Original,” that is sure to motivate and electrify his audience.

This emerging talent began to show the world that he was a genuine vocalist at the young age of nine. Now at fourteen, he has harvested an impressive resume including highlights spanning from performances on the Ellen Degeneres Show, anthems at several NHL hockey games, the Vancouver Olympics, as well as acts at widespread national and international events. In 2012, Cole taught himself how to play the piano and thus began to create his own music.

With a deep concern for the state of the world and the general well being of people, Cole Armour’s profound lyrics will draw you in. His creative arrangements are thoughtful and downright consuming and will draw you closer to this budding artist. After setting his path in music, Cole is maintaining his creative lifestyle by performing throughout local and international venues, showing the world his face and presenting music fans with empowering songs that captivate the soul. His single and new clip for “Original” does just that and proves that a future in the music industry awaits Cole.

“Original” is a song about setting boundaries for oneself, especially a young adult who is experiencing the growth and maturation of their teen years. We watch as Cole pulls viewers in with a series of dance scenes that stand as the influential backdrop to the plot of the clip: two young adults are experiencing an episode of love, and what Cole reminds us is that no one should ever tell us we aren’t beautiful. “Original” demonstrates Cole Armour’s values when it comes to love, life, and strength, and is a reminder of what we must always keep in mind when dealing with specific and particular situations that may make us question our own values.

As a humanitarian, this rising star demonstrates a personality that is charming and unique, all the while establishing a name for himself. Cole Armour’s musical career has just begun, and his music clip “Original” states that he isn’t going anywhere. For more information, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at