DareDevil Squadron “Last Resort”

DareDevil SquadronArtist:
Jimmy Negron
Add Date:
January 16, 2017


Metal. Hard Rock. Power Metal. Progressive. Categorize them any way you want, DareDevil Squadron rocks with a vengeance and won’t quit until they’ve shown the world what a five-man band can do. Armed with some of the finest songs written in this or any genre, the Squadron combines virtuosity with finesse in order to create an emotional impact on the listener unrivaled by their contemporaries. Substantive and relatable lyrics that draw you in and captivate you. Memorable melodies and rhythmic hooks that stick in your head for days. The sound of rock music as it was meant to be played, loud and unadorned.

It’s appropriate that DareDevil Squadron began as an idea discussed while an early Iron Maiden DVD played in the background. Listen to the new single “Last Resort” and the band’s love of British heavy metal and the early American adopters is apparent. The slashing drums, tight palm muting, and classical inspired melodies and arrangement channel artists like Judas Priest, Diamond Head, and Ride The Lightning-era Metallica to the fullest extent. Rock music is an expression that is best captured in a live setting, so it’s only appropriate that for the new “Last Resort” video the band decides to plug in, turn it up and give viewers a little bit of metal up their asses!

“Last Resort” is a no frills performance clip chock full of unbridled energy, tasteful visual subtleties, and frantic camera work that perfectly captures the true essence of DareDevil Squadron. All of the hallmarks of true metal devotees are present. The grueling tandem of Gibson Flying V and Les Paul, a wall of low end from the double kick pedal, a voice that channels Rust In Peace-era Dave Mustaine, and enough distortion test the structural integrity of the old brick warehouse housing this performance. Each member receives ample individual screen time, but the winning shots are when the camera pulls wide and the quintet can be seen feeding off each other’s unwavering energy.

With such a rich history to draw from, it’s no surprise that DareDevil Squadron finds the perfect mix of music and cinema for the “Last Resort” video to spotlight their unrivaled skills. Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779, email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com. You can also visit www.DareDevilSquadron.com or www.Facebook.com/DareDevilSquadron for more info on DareDevil Squadron.

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