Dasgasdom3 “Leave Me”

“Leave Me”
Directed by BrownGuyMadeIT
Add date – 5/17/2024

About Dasgasdom3

Since 2016, Dasgasdom3 has been leaving his mark on the internet streaming scene. As a self-proclaimed “troll at heart”, he is known for content on YouTube, which highlights escapades he streams live on Kick. He chose the stage name Dasgadom3 while still in high school, as a way to stand out among his competition uniquely, a sentiment that reflects his online personality. Shortly after finding his knack for creating YouTube content, he began expressing himself artistically through music, crediting artists like Kendrick Lamar as his biggest inspiration. The first song that he released was “Smoking The Pain”, which he recorded with his cousin Yung Splita. Dasgasdom3 is currently on track to release a new album in June of this year. Titled SO3, an abbreviation for Society of 3, is as he describes it as an ode to his childhood and the optimism of youth.

About “Leave Me”

“Leave Me” is the first single of Dasgasdom3’s upcoming album set to release in June. Perhaps his most vulnerable song to date, the track was written in February of last year in the fallout of a breakup from a particular toxic relationship he was in. “Leave Me” fundamentally serves as a part of helping Dasgasdom3 to process the emotions of wanting to stay in that relationship while still acknowledging that it isn’t healthy to do so. The instrumentals ride a thin line between somber and energetic. They perfectly accompany the content of the lyrics; reflecting on the abuse while remaining hopeful for the future.

About the “Leave Me” Music Video

The music video for “Leave Me” is a grand production that could only be born out of an artistic mind as creative as Dasgasdom3. Headed by Toronto-based director BrownGuyMadeIT, the video follows Dasgadom3 performing throughout Los Angeles. Whether he’s alone at Venice Beach, or partying in Beverly Hills with his significant other, he knows how to express himself while flaunting the influencer life. The result is even more meaningful to Dasgasdom3 as multiple friends of his contributed significantly to the result, whether it be a Tesla Cyberquad that he is seen riding, their homes for him to show off, or simply showing up to his party for extra visuals. Viewing the music video in the aftermath of his breakup, “Leave Me” is Dasgasdom3’s way of showing that he’ll not only be ok but will be better as a result of moving on.

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