David Haerle “Everything I Ever Wanted”

David Haerle
“Everything I Ever Wanted”  Music Video
Directed by Sabrina Doyle
Add date – 08/26/19

About David Haerle

David Haerle’s first album, Garden of Edendale, is a powerful and often tender collection of songs that takes the listener on a road trip through one man’s life. A singer, songwriter and guitarist, David shines a light on past experiences, transforms nostalgia into beauty and welds guitar-driven rock to a shimmering California sound.

Surrounded by the sun, mountains and beaches of Southern California, David was influenced by both rock and country music.  He was inspired to pick up his first guitar at the age of 13, and played in bands throughout his teenage years. Haerle went on to become a music agent at International Creative Management, but when his father died suddenly when David was 24, he took stock and decided to take over the family business of CMH Records. After many years of running the label, he would make a transition to working part time at the company, turning back to making his own music in a serious way. David describes himself as a “late bloomer” in regards to making music, but found it offered many advantages, one being much more life experience to draw from when composing.  

Haerle states, “When I was younger, I wanted to sound like my heroes. When I got back into music in middle age, I wanted to sound like myself.” This determination is what made the seven-year wait for his debut album Garden of Edendale worth it. Haerle is supported by a cast of ten seasoned musicians on the album, and on this track by Carson Cohen on bass, Luanne Homzy on violin, Reade Pryor on drums and Alex Wand on guitar. Engineer Jose Salazar handled co-production, editing and mixing for the song.

About the video

“Everything I Ever Wanted” has a different sound than the rest of the tracks on Garden of Edendale. “This recording is special to me because it could only have happened with all the musicians (in this case five) being in the studio at the same time riffing off each other. There was minimal overdubbing.”

The in-studio performance video begins with Haerle playing an acoustic guitar, and as it unfolds, he is gradually joined by the other band members.“Everything I Ever Wanted” is at times dark and moody, building slowly to an epic musical climax.  Based on the chords of his song “Finding Natalie,” the bass is often centered on and around E with the guitar chords changing over that, giving the song a substantially different feel. Haerle states that when listening to the finished track, he hears “the soundtrack to a life filled with joy, hope and adventure, along with its share of sorrow and loss.”

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