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February 7, 2007



Attention music video connoisseurs! It’s Andy Gesner and the staff from HIP Video Promo bringing you the most in depth look you could have ever hoped for into the minds and souls of some truly groundbreaking artists! Real hip-hop aficionados will recognize the members of Dead Celebrity Status instantly. Emcees Yas and Bobby were originally members of the Project Wyze duo – one of the first acts to prove that Canada had something significant to contribute to rap music. Yas and Bobby have been fearsome battle emcees for more than a decade, opening shows for Public Enemy on their Fear Of A Black Planet tour, and exploring rap-rock and rap-hardcore hybrids long before the fusion was fashionable. DJ Dopey is internationally recognized as the man to beat in any turntable showdown; he won a world championship in the art form in 2003, and held the Canadian title for several years before that. Dopey, who has worked with Saukrates, Choclair, and Main Source, has developed an intensely musical style on the wheels of steel, effortlessly simulating percussive and instrumental sounds using nothing but vinyl, faders, and his own phenomenal dexterity.

Blood Music, the latest LP from Dead Celebrity Status, captures this exceptional combination of musicians at the top of its game. Just to up the ante, the trio has added an extra dose of outrage and defiance to their already volatile mix. They treat the listener to everything in their arsenal: deft verses, hilarious-scathing rhymes, turntable fireworks, disturbing backing vocals, and passionate performances by the veteran rappers. Guest musicians D.J. Lethal, Bif Naked, Dave Navarro, and Joss Stone (among others) contribute their talents to the set, but never overshadow the trio. As with Project Wyze, Yas and Bobby occasionally inject hard rock elements into their hip-hop tracks – but they always remember to keep their funk squarely in place.

Danny Saber, producer of Blood Music, boasts a lengthy and varied credit list: he’s worked with rappers (Busta Rhymes), rockers (Garbage), and groundbreaking pop legends (David Bowie). He’s able to balance DCS’s furious live energy with their studio inventiveness, and it’s already paid off in spades: in 2006, the trio hit the #1 rap spot on CMJ. With a wider Bodog release set for 2007, America – and the rest of the world – are about to learn how exciting this rap crew can be.

Dead Celebrity Status treated us to one of our favorite live shows of 2006 at the rocking Bodog Music CMJ Music Marathon Party, and we are ever appreciative and inspired by the support they continuously throw behind their artists. Dead Celebrity Status is on the road for the rest of the winter and we would love to set you up with a video interview. We’ve never met a nicer group of such talented individuals and we’re sure you would agree! If you need more info call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779, or email

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