Dislocated Boner “Dirty Devils”

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Lex Luther
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May 22, 2013


The members of Dislocated Boner tell fans to, “get ready. It’s only just begun. We are going to run it until the wheels come off,” and they mean it. Founding member DJ Maffmatix and Sleazy-E categorize their music as comedy/hip-hop/experimental genres mixed with just the right amount of dance and electronic elements. Their creation in 2001 was accidental: the duo was in Vermont going to college and learning about the art of cinema, but their fate was incomparable to what they had expected. The pair quickly became close and began to make short films and music videos for fun, but it wasn’t until half way into their freshman year that they decided that rapping and making quirky, original songs was where their fates rested.

Their first album Ouch, It’s Not Supposed to Bend That Way! was released after many nights of recording. The record quickly became a hit, including popular singles such as “Broke Ass Pimp” and “Tony Shaloub Stole My Girlfriend.” With such positive feedback received in such a short amount of time, Dislocated Boner moved to LA with their motivation to spread their talents across the town, recruiting an army of friends into their camp and even going international. Members of the Dislocated Boner crew are currently residing in both Bangkok and Los Angeles. After countless nights and many years, the group’s creative talents have led them to four officially released album and three more that have never been released to the public, except for a mix tape titled Hidden Bullshit. Presently, they are promoting their newest clip “Dirty Devils” which sums up the creative masterminds behind these artists known as Dislocated Boner.

“Dirty Devils” includes scenes that portray the comedic side of living in Bangkok, Thailand and one of its most heavily supported forms of tourism; good old fashioned sex! DJ Maffmatix and Potsy (a principal in the DB army) are the main characters of this energetic clip, and we watch as they are lured into the confines of temptation. A local madame takes them to the other side of temptation, and we watch as the two of them transform themselves into true tempters. Ball gags and butt plugs are in strong supply and this video is sure to elicit reactions all across the spectrum! The song itself is highly energetic, and you can’t help but laugh and dance at the same time as you experience the creative technique behind the formation of Dislocated Boner.

While music is sometimes a bit too serious, Dislocated Boner reminds us of the humor-filled sides of creating lasting music. “Dirty Devils” is an introduction to what this energetic duo has in store for the world, and it is truly a must-see clip. For more information on these exciting new musicians, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com. You can also visit www.Facebook.com/TheDislocatedBoner/.

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