Dj Amaze
Directed by Dj Amaze
NuStream Records
Add date – 5/21/2024

About Dj Amaze

Imagine a life where every step that’s taken, music can be found in every corner. It becomes a way of life, and wanting to reach for every opportunity to learn and grow with music is unphased. DJ Amaze has, and still is, living this life. From being a small boy from Philly listening to his family’s records to getting involved with his high school’s radio station, he has found that his ebullient, revelatory music serves as a way for people to hang loose and have fun. DJ Amaze can feel the excitement that radiates from the audience of a large, celebratory event, and promises himself and his fans that the beats he creates will bring sunshine into their life, a smile to their face and a sashay in their step.


Get ready to dance the night away with anyone and everyone, because “LOCO LIMBO” is the next classic summertime anthem. Written hours before going on vacation to the Bahamas, DJ Amaze felt a calling to transform music into a party like no other with a song that pays homage to conga lines, limbos, and simply having a great time. Transport to a perfect, warm getaway because “LOCO LIMBO” has an immediate Soca vibration, fast-paced drums and handclaps to get listeners up on their feet and shaking their booty.

About the “LOCO LIMBO” Music Video

DJ Amaze takes viewers to paradise by singing and dancing under palm trees on clear water shores. Through his high-energy movements and smiles through the sun, he has every single person matching his energy on the beach and in the club. When he asks “Are you having a good time?” it is guaranteed that every response will be “Absolutely!”. DJ Amaze puts the “show” back into “show business” and as more music lovers discover his talents, his star continues to shine brighter and brighter.

Want more from Dj Amaze & HIP Video Promo?

Here’s a brand new music video that has arrived just in time for summer 2024. We are stoked to work with the incredible DJ Amaze and to champion his electrifying new music video “LOCO LIMBO”! We hope you enjoy experiencing it as much as we have and share the message it espouses. Many thanks for checking it out and your consideration of including this clip in your programming and online presentations is greatly appreciated. For more information, or if you’d like us to send some DJ Amaze merch for on-air contests and giveaways, contact Andy Gesner and the team at HIP Video Promo at 732-613-1779, or email us at For more from DJ Amaze, check out