DJ Stan Johnson feat. Daryl Dixon “Arlena”

DJ Stan Johnson feat. Daryl Dixon
Directed by Max
LeeMac Records
Add date – 11/30/2023

About DJ Stan Johnson

A proper misnomer, the city of Plainfield, NJ is anything but plain. A quick look down its list of notable figures yields handfuls of easily recognizable athletes, artists, politicians, and musicians. So it’s no surprise to us that the inimitable talents of mix-master DJ Stan were able to blossom in its fertile grounds.

From humble beginnings taking over his brother’s DJ tables at local house parties, DJ Stan began exercising the musical blood that was his birthright. Early days learning music theory and studying everything from hip-hop to Handel cultivated his love for creating accessible grooves and his ear for symphonic sounds. Making his name by dishing out mixtapes around the tri-state area, DJ Stan took his first proper steps into the music industry. Now—even with decades of experience under his belt writing, producing, performing, and innovating his music—he maintains his simple desire to serve up audiences with fresh sounds that move us both inwardly and outwardly.

About the “Arlena” video

DJ Stan’s most recent single “Arlena” is a groovy dance track inspired by his fiancé. Taking its title from his partner’s mellifluous middle name, DJ Stan frames up the tune with a classic funk groove that obliges listeners to move. Layering in the infectious saxophone magic of Darryl Dixon, the song is prepped to be set on repeat to enhance music listeners’ dinner prep, commute, or weekend wake-up.

Next, you can pop on the music video for “Arlena” and catch DJ Stan and Darryl Dixon in action with their turntables and sax. In the video shot by the crew at New Jersey’s Wreck’d Productions, our legendary duo is joined by the elegance and charm of choreography from friends at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Highland Park, NJ. The power of the music coupled with the joyful partner dance is an immediate mood booster fans won’t want to miss!

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