Donae’O feat. O.G Relli “Swaggy”


Donae’O ft. O.G Relli
Add date – 6/2/2023

About Donae’o & OG Relli

When UK hip-hop rapper-producers Donae’o and OG Relli started texting again last year, they had no idea what beautiful creation would blossom from their collaboration. In the process, they discovered shared heritage, passion, and aims for their music that seamlessly combined to create a casually contagious track. 

Regarded as a national treasure, UK funky house pioneer Donae’o broke onto the scene in the early noughties, fusing his Ghanaian and Guyanese heritage into beats that rocked the London club scene for the past two decades. Over that time, he’s collaborated with countless notable acts, from Giggs to Lethal Bizzle, JME to Calvin Harris. OG Relli got his big break around the same time, performing and hosting London’s beloved hip-hop battle scene and incubator, The Jump Off. There he shared the stage rapping and emceeing with big names like Labrinth, Nas, Sean Paul, Ed Sheeran, and Dua Lipa. Bringing to the table his Jamaican, Guyanese, and Ghanaian heritage, Relli was ripe for crafting cross-cultural genius with Donae’o when they reconnected.

About “Swaggy”

The result of their budding musical partnership, “Swaggy” is Donae’o and OG Relli’s club-ready Afro-Caribbean bop. Over a mischievous, low-rolling beat reminiscent of the noughty’s UK Funky house days, the duo connect over their shared joys in life: getting paid, dressing swaggy, and gnamming jollof and ackee. They spit countless meme-able lines that will connect with audiences worldwide, from Lagos to London and Kingston to Queens.

About the “Swaggy” video

Take a further step into the rich lives of Donae’o and OG Relli with the music video for “Swaggy.” Amidst stylish shots of shoes, chains, and red carpets, we can see it isn’t just the material things that bring joy to these established artists. They take life lightly—until it comes to the timeless debate over Ghanaian vs Nigerian jollof. With a sense of humor, Donae’o and OG Relli present their infectious vibes that have kept their fans smiling and dancing for decades.

Now it’s time you fill your bowl.

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