Drop Dead, Gorgeous “Dressed For Friend Requests”

Drop Dead, GorgeousArtist:
Kevin Wildt
Add Date:
February 28, 2007


Greetings rock video fanatics! It’s Andy Gesner and the staff from HIP Video Promo back with a post-hardcore performance clip sure to whet your pallete in anticipation of things to come from a superb group! Every writer knows: strategic comma placement can turn the meaning of a phrase inside out. With one small bit of punctuation, Denver post-hardcore stompers Drop Dead, Gorgeous have fashioned a stinging kiss-off from a term of endearment. It’s a perfect handle for a band intent on subverting the conventions of heavy rock. “Our goal is to be different”, says piano player Aaron Rothe, and that desire to distinguish themselves from their peers has caught the attention of Rise Records – and thousands of fans across the country.

That Rothe is even in the band is a testament to their unconventionality. How many heavy post-hardcore groups bother to incorporate piano into their sound? And Rothe’s role in the group isn’t to provide ornamentation or atmosphere; rather, he stabs, slams, and hammers away at his instrument, right along with the distorto-guitar, piledriver drums, and shouted vocals. “Dressed For Friend Requests”, the cleverly-titled lead single from the raging In Vogue, begins with a near-classical fugue – before tipping abruptly into a roiling cauldron of sound. From there, the song twists and turns, doubles into shout-along refrains, and slows down for a punishing breakdown powered by a grinding riff.

It’s arrangements like the one on “Dressed For Friend Requests” that has made Drop Dead, Gorgeous one of the most exciting bands on the post-hardcore circuit. Anticipation for their follow-up to In Vogue has reached manic levels on the Internet. Veteran producer Ross Robinson (The Cure, Norma Jean) personally requested that the band work with him after hearing their music on their MySpace page. Together with Robinson, Drop Dead, Gorgeous is pushing their music in new directions – adding more synth and textures, and even working with guest vocalists. Those who’ve caught the band live in concert (there’s been ample opportunity; since mid-2006, they’ve toured relentlessly) have gotten a glimpse of just how creative and compelling their stage show can be. Drop Dead, Gorgeous is spending the spring in the studio, but they’ve shared stages with Alexisonfire, Senses Fail, and Greeley Estates, and they’ll no doubt be right back at it the minute the new album is finished.

The Colorado quintet is true to their roots, but they’ve briefly relocated to the Left Coast in order to collaborate with Ross Robinson. But before they left, they played an incendiary farewell show in Denver – and they caught it all on videotape. The clip for “Dressed For Friend Requests” was filmed at this performance: it’s pure, raw, vibrant footage, shot right from the rafters and the lip of the stage. Singer Danny Stillman is a commanding presence, howling out his tale of chaos and interpersonal breakdown. But it’s the band’s camaraderie with the crowd that’s truly remarkable. Audience members crowd the concert hall, rush the stage, pump their fists and sing along – and Drop Dead, Gorgeous feeds on that energy, launching themselves into their song with a palpable fierceness.

Here at HIP, we’re truly excited that in just the second month of 2007, we’ve landed a brand new hardcore musical tsunami that we’re confident your viewers will embrace. We’d like to thank everyone at Rise Records for all of their hard work, and providing us with enough copies of In Vogue to go around! So let us know if you’d like to get your hands on some copies for on-air giveaways! If you need more info call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779, or email info@HIPVideoPromo.com.

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