E-Guttah Ft. Key Wayne “We Can Do It Forever”

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February 12, 2013


Ezekiel Harris, better known by his rap moniker E-Guttah, is a fierce and energetic rapper hailing from Miami, Florida. Full of an inexplicable Southern charm, E-Guttah takes his fans to a whole new world with his ardent vocals and happy-go-lucky demeanor. HIP Video Promo & KES Music & Video Distribution presents an all encompassing single and a debut video clip “We Can Do It Forever” featuring the powerful vocals of the artist Key Wayne.

E-Guttah’s story sounds familiar to the ears of most hip-hop artists—the youngest of nine siblings, he began washing cars and cutting yards at a young age. Growing up with his father mostly absent, he began to lose hope, but after a divorce his father was awarded custody of him. Young E watched as his life began to take a dramatic turn. The street life called his name, and the illusion of fast money being obtained by his negative actions of selling drugs took over his life. However, after a brush with death at the age of eighteen, Ezekiel made a full recovery and turned his life around.

E-Guttah began studying writing and vocabulary and soon learned the fundamentals of music. He then found his life’s true purpose, and his motivation currently lies within reaching out to his community as a positive force by teaching the younger generation through his own life experiences. His debut single “We Can Do It Forever” is a positive anthem that includes a highly unique and seductive subject matter. E-Guttah’s powerful lyrics are combined with the talented Key Wayne’s vocals to present music fans of every genre with a feel-good song that is both empowering and inspirational.

Produced by Playtoe Records’ CEO James Moore, “We Can Do It Forever” was released (filmed) in Miami and features scenes of memories that accentuate the reminiscent times of summertime love. Viewers get to witness the fun and playful side of rapper E-Guttah as he woos a certain love interest throughout sexy beach scenes. However, E’s persona attracts us in many ways as we watch him experience the uniqueness of falling in love. As he takes his love interest to his favorite hot spots, they laugh and simply have a great time in the company of one another. The chorus sung by Key Wayne takes the song to a whole new level, and circumvents the necessary details of what this clip is all about.

Unlike most contemporary hip-hop songs, “We Can Do It Forever” has an underlying theme of marriage and commitment, which displays E-Guttah’s modesty and natural spirit. These components are what make E-Guttah lovable as a person and a true artist. We are pleased to be working once again with Karvin Johnson and the team at NMAP and KES Music and Video Distribution to bring you “We Can Do It Forever”, which is now available on iTunes and more. For more information on this exciting new artist, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com”>info@HIPVideoPromo.com. You can also visit www.KESDistribution.com or www.PlaytoeRecords.com for more information on E Guttah.

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