Ellis Dyson & the Shambles “Circlin’ the Henhouse”

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Ellis Dyson & the Shambles
“Circlin’ the Henhouse​”
Hayley Vinson
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June 15, 2017


This folksy, swing-ragtime band from Chapel Hill is making waves for its high energy performances and groovy dance tunes.” Ellis Dyson & the Shambles are bringing the ruckus! This ragtime sextet is complete with four strings, two horns, and soulful, yet lively, vocals. Taking influences ranging from Piedmont murder ballads to old time jazz, this ageless band will surely get you on your feet with their folky single “Circlin’ The Henhouse”.

Ellis Dyson & the Shambles started as a duo with lead vocalist Ellis Dyson on the banjo and Danny Abrams on the saxophone. Over time the group grew to the theatrical string band it is today. Loved by the locals, they‘ve played numerous electrifying live shows in their hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Daily Tar Heel voted them “best local band.” Of their jazzy act, WKNC said,“These whiskey-soaked tunes can easily lead to some foot-stompin’ hootin’ and hollerin’.”

Viewers can dance around and swing along with The Shambles in their new video for “Circlin’ The Henhouse.” Based in a ballroom with numerous dancing couples, the band puts on a stirring live performance lit with colorful lights and and a spirited atmosphere. “Foot-stompin’” is the perfect way to describe how this video makes viewers feel. Alongside their stage performance, The Shambles make a behind-the scenes-appearance in the audience as well, celebrating another great gig. This video will leave viewers eager to see Ellis Dyson & the Shambles live!

We’re excited to see the reaction of viewers and programmers alike to this left-of-center video. Teeming with originality, it is one of the more unique videos to come across our desks in 2017. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know what you will need to get this video into your programming. Please call HIP Video Promo at (732)-613-1779, email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com. You can also visit www.ShamblesMusic.com for more info on Ellis Dyson & the Shambles.


Ellis Dyson & the Shambles

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