Eric Blaze "Get It Together"

Eric BlazeArtist:
Jared Sagal
Add Date:
September 30, 2015


Eric Blaze is a star in the making who’s built a career around a refusal to conform. His life experience, combined with angst filled ruminations of despair and debauchery, create the platform for which he shares with us the fears and foibles he has locked away in the deepest, darkest chasms of his soul. 

Though Blaze concentrates on crafting hooky, immediate choruses within anthems that have rafter shaking muscle behind them, he is never afraid to lyrically expunge his guts for public display, Blaze forges his own path within the severely overcrowded world of Rock/Rap/Industrial music, and does it in a way that can’t be ignored or marginalized. Despite his love for the Motor City where he cut his rock and roll teeth,  Eric, now residing in New Mexico, had his own vision of a pop-punk-rythmic-heavy rock hybrid – and he’d already cultivated an outrageous, direct, and provocative personal style. 

A modern day individualist/impresario, Blaze is a courageous trailblazer, and a good guy to have at a wild party. Approachable, identifiable, and engaging, Eric is a natural in front of a camera. His stunningly brutal recent tracks are filled with slashing guitar, gigantic kick drum, and brash, shouted vocals. This is a musical tsunami a la Kid Rock and Nine Inch Nails; confidently aggressive and roughly melodic. 

“Get It Together” is a brutally honest piece of self-examination that has Blaze staring down the barrel of his own past, coming to terms with his own demons. More importantly, there is also a message of resilience and determination within the song. For the “Get It Together” video, Blaze has teamed up with director Jared Sagal to craft a visual that is as menacing and chaotic as the song itself. Interspersed amongst shots of Blaze fearlessly performing for the camera are a wide variety of scenes of individuals who are at the end of their ropes and arguably at the low points of their lives. Although at times hard to see a silver lining, the combination of pulling no punches in his message and the defiant optimism in his voice shows that they are not alone and they have an ally and a voice in Eric Blaze.

Tuneful and tenacious, this is an artist in it for the long haul; Success is largely a matter of hanging in there when most artists would fold up like a cheap lawn chair. For Eric Blaze, failure is not an option. Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779 or email us at for more info.

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