Fayro “Hickory Dickory”

“Hickory Dickory”
Directed by Fayro
Arcelio Productions
Add date – 11/10/2023

About Fayro

The great Egyptian pharaohs weren’t just regarded as kings—they were worshiped as Gods on earth. So some may take it as a form of arrogance when they see our new favorite rapper flexing his chosen title. But we think Fayro has earned his name and claim. Born and raised in Memphis (itself named after the ancient Egyptian city), this man has reincarnated himself through multiple lives in his short time on earth. Starting off as a confident kid lighting up his middle school talent show with some old-school hip hop, he was forced into a rough transition towards gang life to support his family when his brother was diagnosed with leukemia. After the passing of his brother, he saw where his path was headed, and redirected both inward towards music—recording a single in his church deacon’s studio that’d be bumped around his community for years—and outwards through military life. Facing combat and even a helicopter crash in Iraq, he came back and overcame trauma by digging deeper into his songcraft.

Tapping into his Panamanian roots, he began to embrace a more worldly sound, and, in the process, discovered the beats of his soon-to-be producer and life partner Cymphani. Together, they’re creating a juicy fusion of sounds from diverse places and genres to provide the soundtrack for the words he uses to describe his transcendent journeys here on Earth. Taking his endeavors completely into his own hands, he founded Arcelio Productions (named after his late brother) so that no one can touch this guy now. It’s Fayro’s kingdom, and we’re all just living in it. Pay homage to your new rap god by awaiting his upcoming album Weight On It due out in March of 2024.

About “Hickory Dickory”

But hold up, fans don’t have to wait that long to start soaking in the light of Fayro—start savoring his new single “Hickory Dickory” today. On the sinister, slapping beat produced by Fayro’s co-conspirator Cymphani, Fayro riffs and rhymes fearlessly about the seduction and danger of sneaking around. His lyrics come across impossibly witty, genuine, and downright savage. A veritable goldmine of one-liners that you’ll be shouting from the window of your car for years to come.

About the “Hickory Dickory” Video

Get another taste of Fayro’s versatility with the music video for “Hickory Dickory”. Beware: this nine minute epic holds nothing back. Watch as Fayro parodies pornographic tropes of infidelity, crashing a troubled relationship as a pizza delivery guy, plumber, and yoga instructor. The tongue in cheek saga seems like something out of the mind of Jordan Peele, somehow simultaneously ridiculous yet enlightening as the underlying pornographic problems behind unfaithfulness are exposed. Maybe we’re reading into too much after hitting replay too many times. We just can’t get enough of Fayro.

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