FIREROSE & Billy Ray Cyrus “Plans”

FIREROSE & Billy Ray Cyrus
Directed by Nick Pres
Kind Music Group
Add date – 8/11/2023

About FIREROSE & Billy Ray Cyrus

Everyone is wondering about FIREROSE. An impending marriage to the patriarch of pop-country can really raise an artist’s profile. But even if she wasn’t about to get hitched to Billy Ray Cyrus, there’d still be plenty of interest in the Australian-American singer with consummate poise and a voice as sweet as honey on pancakes. FIREROSE is exactly what her name suggests she is: comforting and passionate, romantic and down-home, intelligent, compassionate, and blooming for all to see. Since shaking up country rock with the incendiary “No Holding Fire” in 2020, it’s been one undeniable single after another, each one amplifying the strengths of its predecessor and deepening our understanding of this one-of-a-kind character.

About “Plans”

Her warm, comforting, engrossing delivery perfectly complements Cyrus’s playful, rollicking style. When they sing together — as they did on their 2021 hit duet “New Day” (100K+ YouTube views) — it’s a flirtatious delight. The conversation continues and intensifies on “Plans,” a declaration of total commitment that doubles as a solicitation to tie the knot. It’s hard not to imagine that these two are singing about their relationship, and the beautiful future they’re confident they’ll have together.

But surprisingly, these two born storytellers didn’t write the song. “Plans” was composed by one of the most celebrated and versatile balladeers in the history of American music: the Grammy-winning Diane Warren. Over a multi-decade career, Warren has demonstrated astounding flexibility, writing Top Ten hits for country stars (LeAnn Rimes), pop-R&B crooners (Brandy), and heavy metal stompers (Aerosmith) alike. But her heart belongs to the lovers, and her mastery of the love song form is unquestioned. “Plans” is quintessential Warren — a song that acknowledges both the thrills and responsibility of love, the joy of dedication, and the delicious insecurity that accompanies those who put their hearts on the line. It’s also got a melody that rings like a carillon at a cathedral. (That’s a Diane Warren characteristic, too.)

About the video

And if there were any questions remaining about the suitability of these two artists for each other, the gorgeous clip for “Plans” ought to dispel them. FIREROSE & Billy Ray Cyrus don’t just sound great together — they look great, too. Everything about the video is ravishing and beautifully shot: the nail-polish pink Tesla that FIREROSE rides in, the sunlight through the canopy of leaves on a gorgeous day, the house in the woods where the couple makes their life, and their stand, together. With visible wonder and just the slightest trace of bashfulness, FIREROSE steps through a door in the woods and into a world transformed.

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